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Creating an online store that sells apparel, accessories, and gifts. Trying to setup catalog but keep coming back to the same issue of needing to provide maximum flexibility when organizing (navigation & hierarchy stuff).

I'm not sure I want more than what would be "normal".

I want visitors to be able to search products in 3 different ways (that's the flexibility part):

  1. Search products by Gender & Age link => Brand image/text link => Category image/text link => product image/text link: "Ladies" link => "Lilly Pulitzer" image/text => "Swimwear" image/text => product image/text
  2. Search products by Brand link => Gender & Age image/text link => Category image/text link => product: "Lilly Pulitzer" link => "Ladies" image/link => "Swimwear" image/link => product image/link
  3. Search products by Category link => Brand image/text link => Category image/text link => product: "Swimwear" link => "Lilly Pulitzer" image/link => "Ladies" image/link => product image/link

ISSUE: From Taxonomy/Catalog I should be able to select from "Gender & Age" taxonomy list, from "Brand" taxonomy list, and from "Category" taxonomy list and the navigation breadcrumbs would work, e.g.:

  • Upon selecting "Ladies" primary link, I would get list of "Brands" image/text list, and "Home" in breadcrumbs
  • Upon selecting "Lilly Pulitzer" image/text, I would get "Category" image/text list, and then "Home > Ladies" in breadcrumbs
  • Upon selecting "Swimwear" image/text, I would get products image/text list, and then "Home > Ladies > Lilly Pulitzer" in breadcrumbs

I could get this by setting up Catalog as such:
root item: Ladies
under Ladies, child item: Lilly Pulitzer
under Lilly Pulitzer a child item: Swimwear

2 problems with this:

  1. Other 2 navigation scenarios are not possible
  2. I have to add "Brand" list under each "Gender & Age" and then every "Category" under each "Brand"

I appreciate any help.

There are 3 ways of "tagging" (not in the "tag" sense) products:

  1. Gender & Age
    1. Ladies>
    2. Mens
    3. Kids
      1. Girls
      2. Toddles & Infants
  2. Brand
    • Vera Bradley
    • Eric Javits
    • Leon Levin
    • South Beach Ties
    • Eliza B.
    • Jack Rogers
    • Three Dots
  3. Category
    • Bottoms
    • Dresses
    • Sleepware
    • Tops
    • Swimwear
    • Neckwear
    • Footwear
    • Belts
    • Accessories
    • Hats & Visors
    • Handbags
    • Luggage
    • Eyewear
    • Gifts
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Re: Catalog/Taxonomy & Navigation Scenarios

did you found a solution?
Here I go t some info:
You want to make a View that lets customers display a sorted list of products of a certain type. Ex: an apparel store selling hats and t-shirts. Consider making two product classes and adding a filter to your View based on the node type so it can display all your hats or all your t-shirts.