Ubercart Issue Tags on drupal.org

The following list of tags should be used to tag your issues posted to the drupal.org issue tracker for the Ubercart project. Using these tags makes it easier for patch reviewers to group issues by topic, so someone with a vested interest in a particular area of Ubercart core can make sure pertinent patches get reviewed! It's a wonderful system. Smiling

The links below go to issue listings for the various tags. These pages also include RSS feed icons that you can use to syndicate the lists through your browser or feed reader. If you come across open issues that aren't tagged yet, give us a hand and make sure they're tagged appropriately. If an issue deserves more than one tag, feel free to add them as necessary (or start adding your own!).

  • code cleanup - for issues related to cleaning up, commenting, and restructuring code to improve our internal APIs and use of external APIs.
  • CA - for issues related to the core Conditional Actions system.
  • i18n - for issues related to internationalization of core Ubercart components, including international address, currency, language, and tax support.
  • JS - for issues related specifically to the Javascript and AHAH components of the user interface.
  • PostgreSQL - for issues related to improving and fixing our PostgreSQL support.
  • Scaling - for issues related to making Ubercart scale well and operate smoothly at the enterprise level.
  • theme layer - for issues related to improving and cleaning up our use of the theme layer, including changes to theme functions, HTML output, and CSS.
  • update - for issues related to updating Ubercart to new versions (currently 1.x to 2.x).
  • usability - for issues related to improving Ubercart's usability and user interface design.
  • VAT - for issues related to the core improvements necessary to ensure solid international tax support, including VAT/GST/PST and any others. Refer to Al's wakening call for more information, esp. Ryan's "get involved" comment.
  • Views - for issues related to Ubercart's Views integration.

cha0s has also constructed an open issues display that shows any active issues for Ubercart or any issues in the patch process. Feel free to pitch in wherever you can. Smiling

Comments are open on this page to discuss the addition of tags to this list. The comments will be periodically reviewed and rolled into this page if deemed appropriate and useful.

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How about tags for functionality area?

It might be useful to have tags for the big areas of UC functionality, such as Order, Payment, Reports, Taxes, etc.

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Re: How about tags for functionality area?

In toying with these tags, I thought of things like that... but I kind of wonder if we should just setup project components like Drupal has for its issue tracker. Then you can filter tags using the advanced search form by component. I'm not sure it's quite as simple as using tags, but it seems to work well for Drupal. Anyone have any thoughts on going that route?

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Re: Re: How about tags for functionality area?

+1 for component choices. 96% of the issues are about Code, so it isn't really that useful right now. And if we can get rid of Website, I think that would be good since we would take care of those problems here.

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Getting busy with the Ubercode.
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Component choices better

I agree: component choices would be much better than tags. Choosing "code" is definitely not all that informative.

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Error is very critical

I am facing this error... anyone can suggest better solution for this error : Your billing information must match the billing address for the credit card entered below or we will be unable to process your payment.

Thank you