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The List of Countries is not complete. Austria is missing. Probably most users don't think about checking wether the list is complete and miss out some business becouse of that.

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Re: List of Countries

Are you referring to core Ubercart or the world regions contribution that's been posted up? In core, we're relying on folks to submit country import files for their country's zones and such.

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country list
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How to load the full list of all countries? I don't really care about these regions. I think this idea is unrealistic - to collect regions for each country. How are you going to maintain them up to date anyway? By the time you collect all of them (I don't think this will ever happens) things will get totally out of date. It would be so much more useful to have a full list of ALL countries and let people enter those regions by themselves. Without complete list the whole ubercart becomes unusable except for those who sell stuff in their own country. The very fact that you have to create separate file for each country is very impractical. It would make so much more sense if I could load a list of all countries from a simple text file.

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all countries list
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Hello, i'm completely agreed with you, it is not possible to use Ubercart without the list of all countries to build ecomerce sites, all customers want having the ability to choose where they want to sale their products.
Anyway, i'm starting to use Drupal and Ubercart and i would like to know if it's possible to create a file with only the name of the country without adding the regions ?

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Re: all countries list