Planet Ubercart Opened

One of the ideas mentioned in our BoF session at the Boston Drupalcon was to open up a part of that aggregated content from the sites of our many users and developers. Finally opened today, Planet Ubercart will serve as this single community news source for anyone blogging or posting about Ubercart on their personal sites.

I'd love to see this feed fill up with the experiences of many users and developers. This means if you blog at all about the work you do in or with Ubercart, you should start assigning those posts a specific tag and PM me with the feed information for that term's RSS.

For example, in Drupal, setup a taxonomy vocabulary for your posts and create a term called "Planet Ubercart" (or just Ubercart if you think all your Ubercart related posts are Planet-worthy). Then, when viewing that post, click on the term link. This will take you to a page listing all the posts assigned that term where you will find an RSS feed icon at the very bottom. Clicking on this will take you to the URL that you should send me. Cool

I'll verify these and get them added in ASAP. Happy posting!