Ubercart 1.0 RC 2 Released

Just a quick note to say that the second release candidate has been posted. It came quickly to solve a "show-stopper" regarding product node access control. A few minor issues were also taken care of and are listed in the release notes.

This is a lightweight update from RC 1. For more information on the release candidate phase, refer to the previous announcement.

Also, on a somewhat related note, Lyle and I are out of town next week on separate vacations. He's off to enjoy fun in the sun in Hawaii and I'm heading to the slightly less sunny Portland, OR. We'll be responding to forum posts/working on a roadmap for the future, but our response times may be a little slower than normal. Eye-wink

Keep up the great feedback on the release so we can keep trucking toward the 1.0 release!

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Re: Ubercart 1.0 RC 2 Released

Psh, enjoy yourselves guys, no need to answer forum posts Sticking out tongue

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Re: Re: Ubercart 1.0 RC 2 Released

Done, and done. Eye-wink

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Re: Ubercart 1.0 RC 2 Released

Oooops... I'm using Bazar code and for some reason I've missed this original post of RC2 release, what a shame on me, Sorry Ryan and all you guys working hard on Ubercart!

So, great to see Ubercart is speeding towards the official release, your hard work highly appreciated! Now, please all of us, let the developers know what you think about their work!!

All the best from Sunny Spain