Ubercart 2.0-beta6 Released

Well, you can only expect to push out a release candidate so long until you have to package up what's been done as intermediate release. Eye-wink Today, Lyle called it a beta 6 day and packaged up the last month's work into what will hopefully be our last beta.

So, for all of you struggling with image module updates and broken image support... for our friends developing themes and wishing the cart block was just a little cleaner... for the number of you who have been filing much appreciated patches for those little bugs you turn up... this release is for you.

I'm happy to report we have over 20 contributors attributed in the release notes, a huge step forward as we try to get more eyes on the core code. Many thanks to the newcomers who are plugging away with ideas and brainstorming even in this slow period of development. (i.e. keep on brainstorming on making the recurring module useful, univate et al!) There are over 70 commits this release, and we look forward to a smashing release candidate when it comes.

What's the hold-up? Where's the roadmap? Why is this still a beta? Well, right now the only thing holding back a release candidate is the completed integration of the new price handler system spearheaded by cha0s. Lyle and I had a mini-code sprint at my place on Saturday and were able to commit the core API, but it is not yet fully implemented across the core Ubercart modules. It's close, so close, and we could use a couple more reviewers. You should start checking the code out at comment 46 of the price handler issue.

Why wait for this one patch? Well, it basically paves the way for discounts, fees, and taxes systems to all affect prices through a single system. The Discount Framework will run through this new system, and future VAT solutions will have a clean way to alter what gets displayed for a price where tax must be shown as included on various screens. This is such a huge boon to Ubercart internationally that we had to get it in for 2.0.

The best thing? It's almost ready to roll... Laughing out loud

So, backup and update your sites, run the beta 6 through the wringer, and let us know where those remaining issues are. If you've been having trouble getting going on beta 5 due to changes in our image module dependencies, start afresh with beta6 and the latest versions of our dependencies and it should straighten you out.

Thanks again for all your support! Cheers.

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Thank you for your great job!

Looking forward for RC with a new price handler then )

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Re: Ubercart 2.0-beta6 Released


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Re: Ubercart 2.0-beta6 Released

Hurrah for theming improvements, thanks for being so open and helpful with those changes Smiling

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Great effort guys.

Just another word of support for all the hard work going into the 2.0 Release. I know the wait will be worth it.

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Re: Ubercart 2.0-beta6 Released

I've been waiting on an update so I can apply it to another site for testing before I make the leap to 6x and 2.0.

Thanks guys and the thanks to the community for making such good code. I love Ubercart and recommend it to everyone who wants to do e-commerce with Drupal.

Tutus for Toddlers sells Tutus using UberCart for e-commerce with Drupal.

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This is great news Ryan. I was wondering when you were gonna post something about the progress since it's been a month since your last post. I thought the Commerce Guys ate you or something Smiling

Can't wait for 2.0!,

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Thanks for good news

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"Downloads" page

Don't forget to update the "Downloads" page! Smiling

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Re: "Downloads" page

thank you!

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Re: Ubercart 2.0-beta6 Released

Well done, keep em coming.

What's been happening about the 'import/export'er? I think the xml one has been dropped hasn't it?

I think a really great feature would be a csv import/exporter. I know there's a few other drupal projects floating about that might help.

But everytime I build an ubercart site I come up against the same problem, the client has a spreadsheet with a load of products on it and I need to load that into the site.....

Anyhoo, Looking forward to the final release, thanks for the work done on VAT and discounts,


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want to know

I am wondering to know whether the CubeCart Version 3 can be connected to the php of interface ?Appreciate any helps .