Ubercart 1.0 RC 4 Out the Door

That's right, folks. Not content to have a third release candidate, we traveled into the future to grab the RC 4 and bring it back to the present for your enjoyment! (In actuality, some outdated modules crept back into the RC 3 release that had to be removed... hence the version hopping)

This update brings with it many fixes that have been posted by community members that we just could not have found in our testing. Your input has been invaluable, and it shows as more and more the questions in the forums are matters of configuration mix-ups and not of errors in the source.

For all those that have experienced problems with reports in the past, please test them in the new version to see if the issues have been addressed. Post your feedback in this reports thread.

So, grab your copy of RC 4 from our project page on drupal.org and review the update instructions, then have fun updating your installations. I think I can smell a 1.0 release hiding just around the corner... Smiling

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Re: Ubercart 1.0 RC 4 Out the Door

Thanks for the update to RC4, worked just fine for me when upgrading from the "Bazar" -code. Great work guys, smelling strong the upcoming release! Eye-wink

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Re: Ubercart 1.0 RC 4 Out the Door

Ubercart RC 4 is like the Dippin' Dots of e-commerce. Are you planning on following the convention of turning a RC with no changes into a 1.0? The rate of Bazaar commits still occurring makes it seem like this might not be a possibility in the near future, or is it? Regardless all the progress being made is impressive and I'm looking forward to rounding that corner for a 1.0 release.

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Yeah well..

...we traveled into the future to grab the RC 4 and bring it back to the present for your enjoyment!

... and I would like my DeLorean back! Doc was working on the flying circuits when you guys took it to find RC4; and we are both waiting for its return!