Ubercart 2.0-rc2 Ready for You

The second release candidate of Ubercart 2.0 for Drupal 6 was packaged up today for your immediate consumption. This release follows hot on the heels of our first release candidate and includes a few important variable name typo fixes and several other bug fixes that were unearthed by people like you. All the changes are listed in the release notes.

Thanks to all those in the community who chipped in to make this a fun, fast bug fix release! We had 10 direct patch contributors in just a week and a half. Cool

So... despite the hesitation expressed toward our versioning, when you have to make changes, you have to make changes. We intended to make a change before the RC1 but spaced on the timing. As a result, we've had to introduce a change between the RC1 and RC2, but I assure you, I would've wished to nail down the issue much sooner.

Without further ado, then, the Recurring Fees module has been moved from the core distribution into contrib space. It is available without modification from http://drupal.org/project/uc_recurring. The module has been languishing for some time now and has always lacked one feature or another to truly be useful for our users. As such, any development on that module would hold back the Ubercart release cycle, and any movement on Ubercart would hold back the restructuring needed in the Recurring Fees module. In its new home, it is now free to develop unhindered and without hindering Ubercart.

Sites currently depending on this functionality should update to the latest version of Ubercart. The store module includes an update function to disable Recurring Fees if it is currently enabled when you run update.php. You should then make sure you remove the uc_recurring directory from your ubercart/payment directory. Finally, download the latest 1.x version of UC Recurring from its project page and install it to be back in action.

Community member univate has spearheaded the brainstorming and patch generation effort for what will turn into the next version of the module. If you've ever had a beef with the limitations of the core Recurring Fees module, now is your time to do something about it! Help him develop and review changes so the module can have a strong 2.0 release and a bright future.

So, to summarize the release... less bugs, one less module, and a whole lotta potential for the future. Back up those sites and databases and get to testing.

We'll be at 2.0 before you know it! Laughing out loud

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Great work! Suppose I need

Great work!
Suppose I need to get starting updating all my work... Eye-wink

When can we start suggestions for UC3?

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Thanks to everyone on a fast turnaround time. Hopefully UberCart is only a few (couple?) of weeks away from 2.0! I'm reinstalling with RC2 this evening and pounding away the best I can.

Is there a thread anywhere for posting any non-core incompatabilities we find as well?

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Re: Ubercart 2.0-rc2 Ready for You

Looking forward to seeing what gets done with uc_recurring.

Good work guys.

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Re: Ubercart 2.0-rc2 Ready for You

A big thanks to Ryan and everyone who has been helping Ubercart to shine!

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Re: Re: Ubercart 2.0-rc2 Ready for You

Subscribing as well. A robust solution for handling a "monthly / yearly subscription" model would be outstanding Smiling

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_uc_attribute_get_name bug

FYI It seems that this patch didn't managed to make it into -rc2!

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Re: _uc_attribute_get_name bug

Yeah, somehow or another a lot of small typos that were fixed between the beta6 and rc1 were undone for the rc2. I have no clue how that happened, but I think we'll just have to roll an RC3. Laughing out loud

As for when we can start brainstorming about 3.x... ASAP. I'll be posting some battle plans and general thoughts for public consumption and conversation in the near future.

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Re: Re: _uc_attribute_get_name bug

ETA on RC3?

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Re: Re: Re: _uc_attribute_get_name bug

There are a couple active issues that will be worth solving before re-packaging the release. From what I understand, Lyle has committed these missed bugfixes as a new dev version in the meantime.