Ubercart.org is back!

The Ãœbercart Gone Song (sung to this tune)

Oh where, oh where has our little site gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? With its traffic cut short and its downtime too long, Oh where, oh where can it be?

You can sing and whistle that to yourself while helping rebuild our beloved community here at Ubercart.org. If you've been around for a while, you'll remember that on April 27th our new Dell Poweredge 2900 server crapped out on us. At that time, the Dell service tech replaced the motherboard, power distribution board, and power supply and we got back up with the site intact. Funny... it happened on a weekend then, too. Well, this past weekend (August 3rd or so), there was a nice fat power outage in the part of town where our server sits. That's fine and dandy when you have a UPS hooked up and there's a nice safe shutdown of the system... but nothing ever works as expected. Our RAID system's battery-backed write cache had (guess) a bad battery (reference the Atomic Write Failure). This resulted in data getting finely screwed up. We were able to find the databases for the other sites on that server, but our Ubercart.org database was nowhere in sight. Circle of Protection: Black I have rebuilt the site on a different production server, and we should all combine our efforts to cast protective wards (I recommend the Circle of Protection: Black, pictured to the right) to keep away the bad server voodoo that strikes us every so often. These efforts will be combined with a distributed backup solution to make sure data loss isn't quite so remarkable the next time our Dell server gives us a surprise like this. The skinny? The data is gone from our server, but it all resides safely in Google's cache. We have already saved the documentation, contribution pages, and live site listings along with various other parts of the site to our system and will be reposting the content over the next few days. We aren't going to recover all the old forum posts, but there is a plan of action for folks to help out. You can read about it here: Content Recovery Plan of Action Our apologies go out to those who are frustrated by this. We are, too, and will consider it a learning experience. Many thanks to those who have already offered to help us out. The silver lining to this cloudy situation is that I'm taking the opportunity to fix various problems that existed in the previous site. Expect to see a different issue tracking system, reorganized forums and documentation, and some other changes here and there. Übercart... one cart to rule them all, and one site to be a thorn in its side. -The ÃœberDudes P.S. - In case anyone is wondering, the code is on our local machines and a separate web server, so it is all intact and running fine. Eye-wink