Ubercart at "Do It With Drupal"

Lullabot recently announced a Drupal training conference called Do It With Drupal which will go above and beyond their normal, sold-out workshops. Attendees can expect to learn a lot about Drupal and its major contributed modules from the developers themselves. If you're investigating Drupal or Ubercart for your business or are considering developing sites more regularly, I highly recommend looking into this conference. It'll be worth the price!

I was lucky enough to be invited to present Ubercart sessions and couldn't be happier! I'll get to fly down to New Orleans as the winter weather sets in heavy in Louisville and hang out with all the great presenters and the lucky folks who register before the conference fills up.

Space is limited and the first 100 registrants get the best deal, so register soon if you want to come learn about Ubercart with me and the others who show up. Smiling

Lullabot also asked me to help setup the registration system which I was able to do with Ubercart and a custom module called UC Node Checkout. I blogged about it for those interested.

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This sounds great, but there is no way I would be able to make the conference. Would it be possible to have recordings of your sessions posted to the Ubercart website?

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Re: Recordings

Hmm... good question to run by the organizers. I'm not sure. Smiling

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I too cannot attend any lovely Lullabot conference, as I am based and stuck in Europe for the time being.

I could how ever sign up for Lynda.com. Maybe Lullabot would consider this option. I would be happy to attend any online course. I think I would pay about 200-250 $ to learn how to setting up my own store - the money side of things is not my strongest... But my strategic nose tells me this would gather a huge crowd around the world.

I love the Lullabot style and if anybody could and would do this - it must be them - taking the risk to share their knowledge.