Ubercart.org Restoration Update

Well, this is just a news post to all our faithful fans letting you know that the core components of our website are all back online. The Ubercart API, Live sites directory, and Contributions directory have been rebuilt and repopulated with the lost data. The forums have of course been working for a while with fixed URLs (they were buggy before the crash), and Lyle has reposted documentation today. I have updated the structure of the site with all the wisdom I've gained from the beginning and hope it serves us well for years to come!

Today I completed a CCK + Views + Contemplate + Custom code issue tracker for the site that will allow issues to be posted for any Ubercart project or contribution. All it requires is folks to add short names to their contributions, and they become open for issue tracking. Simple as that! I had a lot of fun working it all out and have a little bit of work left to do. I'll be posting a write-up on the work sometime in the future. Smiling

To post your thoughts/suggestions on the issue tracker, use this thread: