One step closer to a 2.0...

UPDATE: Make that three steps closer. RC6 was released to fix a user interface bug that cropped up between RC3 and RC4. Get it while it's hot!

This week, we've taken one step in two parts toward an official 2.0 release. Ubercart 2.0-RC5 followed hot on the heels of RC4 (correcting an update function in the order module), but we found the problem ourselves and wanted to right it before blabbing the release. In a quick count, I see 43 unique patch contributors to this release, many of them newcomers.

There's so much that went into this release that it's hard to hit the highlights in this quick news post. The RC4 release notes speak for themselves, so browse the least to see what you all have helped us build. Smiling

Get to those site updates, and remember to back up your database and files before you pull the trigger. As always, in the event of a crash landing, your chair cushion can double as a flotation device.

Enjoy. Cool

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Re: One step closer to a 2.0...

Well, no taking back the announcement now, but buyer beware: Sticking out tongue

So, you should see an RC6 tomorrow. Smiling

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Re: Re: One step closer to a 2.0...

Anything for the betterment of Ubercart is a good thing Smiling

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"One step forward, two steps back..."

OK, it's not really two steps back. Just kind of frustrating that I missed seeing those problems before tagging the release.

Anyway, that issue Ryan mentioned and this one ( both have patches for the adventurous among you to test.

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Release early, release often.

Thanks for the hard work on this guys. Looking forward to the rc6 update shortly. Glad I did a little reading before my update Laughing out loud

Holy molly. I think this is the longest set of release notes i've ever seen for a Drupal module, let alone an Ubercart release.

A nasty imagecache bug which allowed stale product images to continue to exist after original image was deleted or updated, has also been resolved in the last couple days (beta10).

Which leaves me with only 1 thing on my "ubercart bugs list", which is stale stocks floating around.

Looking forward to updating in the next couple days.

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Re: One step closer to a 2.0...

Three cheers for Lyle sticking with the fixes to get three releases packaged in a week. RC6 is ready for use and short a few unexpected RC4/5 bugs. Smiling's picture
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Damn, nice one! Now I really

Damn, nice one!

Now I really have to start upgrading...

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Re: One step closer to a 2.0...

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