Drupalcon DC Head Count

Hey folks, we're looking to get a head count of Ubercart users and developers who will be attending Drupalcon DC. There's an idea floating around to make sure there's some Ubercart gear passed around... t-shirts and the like. Maybe we could get someone to come do tattoos. Evil Anyways, if you're planning on going or potentially going, please take a moment to say so in the comments on this post so the powers that be can make sure there's enough gear to go around. While you're at it, the proposed Ubercart sessions could use a few more votes to make sure they're accepted for the conference. You can use the quick links in the Drupalcon DC block to the right to view the proposals and rock the vote. We look forward to meeting some new faces to go with the screen names. Cool (I'll go ahead and give one more plug for Do It With Drupal for anyone who'd like to come hang out with me in New Orleans and learn Drupal. I'm sure you can convince your bosses it's worth the cost... Eye-wink)
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Going to Drupalcon

Hey, Ryan.

We are going.

While I'm here - our latest Ubercart enabled site, http://esommelier.net, seems to be accumulating persistent database connections, and only did so after Ubercart was enabled (and https:// was enabled). Any ideas?


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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

Well, you already know I'm going. Sticking out tongue

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Re: Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

Wouldn't miss it

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

I'm going and I voted.

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

Of course I will be there, will be staying at the Washington Plaza Hotel March 3-7

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

I'm actually able to go to this one. Yes!

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TopNotchThemes will be there!

The entire TNT team (or close to it) will be there! Already voted Smiling

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Lutegrass will be there!

I'll be there and might bring a lute to jam in case anyone is interested!

LuteGrass, LLC

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Re: Lutegrass will be there!

I had a lot of fun in Chicago... DC is going to be frickin' sweet!

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

offcourse im gonna be there
12 hours in a plain with the Queen of the universe and a couple of days off in, before were gonna geek out.

and with a ton of tshirts - and other crap Smiling
we should make a übercart shirt - me gonna think a bit *...*

and ryan remember the überdinner - and say hi to wife looking forward to meeting the both of you again


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Re: Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

Dude... we'd love to give some shirts out. I tried to make it happen for Szeged but am just not a designer. Evil

And yes... how can I forget to mention! There definitely needs to be an Überdinner! Last time we almost killed that Ethiopian place, so hopefully there are some larger places in DC. I'm definitely up for some more international fare. Laughing out loud

It's great to see so many people planning on coming! My vote is on the lute for some Überdinner entertainment and on Kai for his 10 person bike for transportation.

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

I'll be there!

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My favorite restaurant in DC (I use to live there) is an Ethiopian place (much larger then the one in Boston). Maybe we can book out the entire restaurant this time Smiling
Peace, Andy

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I'm in!

I'll be representing the drawly Southern contingent. Or the library contingent. Or the quilting contingent.

Or, most likely of all, the small yet vocal "I'm just shameless enough to wear a stegosaurus hat at a geek convention because it will crack people up" contingent.

[It's a great hat.]

+1 on the sessions. We've been using UC for about two months for our internal supply store for our branches, and they already can't imagine going back to how things were before.

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Re: Drupalcon DC Head Count

It'd be a crime for me not to go. I practically live down the street.

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Count me in too!
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Re: Count me in too!

Awesome! I look forward to meeting you. Smiling

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Count me in...

I, too, will be attending DrupalCon, in DC. Looking forward to it!


My only Drupal/Ubercart site so far: iLoveDiamondSpa.com

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Re: Count me in...

Can't believe I missed this thread Smiling I'll see you guys next week.

Also, if anyone's going to be hanging out downtown during the week/end let me know. I leave Sunday afternoon. Perhaps on one of the first days of Con we can exchange cell numbers. I've never been to D.C., and I'm not flying cross-country without going to the Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress, or the Smithsonian Smiling