Ubercart 2.0 beta released for Drupal 6

As of this morning, Ubercart has a beta release for use with Drupal 6, and it's ready to have the snot kicked out of it by some hard-hitting testers. Most of the changes from Ubercart 1 are internal, so experiencing Drupal 6 will probably be the biggest difference. We have also trimmed down our dependencies so that Token is the only core requirement to use Ubercart. Image support still requires the Content module from CCK along with ImageAPI, ImageAPI GD2, Image Cache, Filefield, and Imagefield.

You can check out some of the improvements we've made and some known issues with the current code in the release notes at drupal.org.

We want to keep making Ubercart better, and that will be a lot easier once we know where the bugs are in this release. Once you've found one, head over to the issue queue and file a bug report (or voice your discovery in an existing issue). Some of them are sneaky, so make sure no one's beaten you to the punch.

At this point, do not update production sites running Ubercart 1.x on D5 to Ubercart 2.x on D6. We want folks with development environments to test the update process and report issues, but we do not recommend performing an update on a live site. If you want to test, you should make a copy of your database and file system and perform the update on the copy. Thanks. Eye-wink

Many thanks to our sponsors who helped various parts of core make it into Drupal 6:

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 beta released for Drupal 6

Woohoo! It's an early holiday present Laughing out loud Congrats guys!!

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 beta released for Drupal 6

Woohoo! Time to start migrating over to D6 Smiling. Thanks guys, I'll let you know if I find anything.

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 beta released for Drupal 6

Thanks guys so much for your hard work, appreciated!

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Nice job for the first Ubertuber beta version. This is a nice christmas gift for a lot of people ^^.

However I have some questions about the next releases :

- What's next with CA ? this great discussion between Rules VS CA with the awesome post of Fago at the end may change some minds about Rules, don't know his status ATM.

- What's the VAT/GS status. I speak a little with Ryan about it, but I think lot of people are waiting for a more official announcement about it, it was one of the first priority battleplan for 6.x and we don't have news since a long time. Do Ubertuber will wait to the Al concept implementation before creating a 2.0 branch ? I think it would be a great news for all european (and certainly others) store owner.

- Maybe it's too early, but is there a 3.x battleplan already ? Eye-wink

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/me <3 u

Fooooooooooooork Yeaaaah!
knowo know what im gonna do the next couple of days Eye-wink
... man im tempted to go production ... he he

sweet work!

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Yeahaaaa. You guys are


You guys are awesome. Roll on drupal 6, this is the final module I require for my new site so I can crack on with it in the new year.

Might be able to get some good beta testing done too since we've got a few ubercart projects coming up and i would love to use drupal 6.

Well done,


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Re: Yeahaaaa. You guys are

Here's a live site using the latest code if anyone if anyone wants to fiddle with one. Just upgraded it to Ubercart-2-beta1 an Drupal 6.8.


Can anyone let me know if the "cart -> checkout" issue is fixed in IE now Laughing out loud

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Seems to be working . . .

I have an item in my cart at the checkout screen in both IE 7 and Firefox 3, so the cart > checkout issue seems fixed to that point. I'd go further, but I'm afraid I don't need a bloody pirate mug!


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Re: Seems to be working . . .

I've got it running on a demo site and it works great.

Tutus for Toddlers sells Tutus

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I can not find a 'Users Implementation Guide'


I have created a D6 test site, loaded up the D6 Uber Cart modules and am ready to roll.

But, I can not seem to find a 'cookbook style' users guide to help me continue the job.

Things like 1) How to create a product file, 2) how to place an order, etc.

I know one must exist, but need some direction to find it.


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Way to go Ubercart!!!

Congratulations guys, you friken rule! What a great Christmas present for me... I just hit the donate page buy a 12er on me...

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see this forum topic

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 beta released for Drupal 6

Great news! Can't wait to see the final version working.

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Anyone interested in getting the affiliate2 module working with Drupal 6? I'm going to take a stab but only have experience in Drupal 5.

Since I'm starting a new site I'd like to see if I can make it with Drupal 6, but I'll need an affiliate program


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has anyone used it on a live site yet?

About to build my website using drupal and ubercart. Was wondering if anyone could comment on using drupal 6 and ubercart 2 at this stage? I am going to be using Paypal WPS to start so it shouldn't be to taxing on the code....

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Ubercart Deluxe installer for Drupal 6?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any new deluxe installer for drupal 6 base code. I think the install profile that you made for drupal 5 base (ubercart_deluxe), was very easy to install the software, and start testing.

I tried to install version 2 and I can see that Product content type is not setup properly. I downloaded all modules that was listed and all enabled but when I go to Product content type there is no setting available.


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Re: has anyone used it on a live site yet?


Yes. I created a live site with Drupal 6 and Ubercart 2 about 2 months ago. While there were minor problems at that time, all my old minor issues have been resolved with module and ubercart updates.

I would say go for it. I will not be going back to Drupal5 / Ubercart 1 myself.

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j0rd -

thanks for the feedback. I have been loving D6, and really wanting to get some UC action going with it. I will get it going! Minor issues don't scare me Smiling

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