Time to wear the Ubershield

That's right, with the largest Drupalcon ever coming up, community contributors and developers Commerce Guys are looking to print some shirts that we can start handing out. It's about time, right? Well, Tim just posted in the forums looking for help on the designs, and I'd love to see some folks flex their designer muscles so we have some awesome shirts. I mean, how can you go wrong with a big fat Ubershield on your chest? Don't you want to feel like a million dollars? Eye-wink For those interested, I'm attaching to this new post a set of various sized Ubershield logos in various formats that were helpfully contributed a while back by a community member. Give 'em a whirl, and I'll try to find a more appropriate place for these packages. Cool
Uberlogo-Noglow-PNGs.zip97.94 KB
Uberlogo-vectors-PDF.zip2.36 MB
Uberlogo-Glow-PNGs.zip127.77 KB