Ubercart Issue Tracker, Now with Issue Tags!

For some time now, we've been handling bug fixing and patch development through the issue tracker provided for us through our project page on drupal.org. If you've found a bug in Ubercart that you're sure is a bug, or if you have a patch to do some code cleanup or work on a feature in core, that's the place to post it.

I hesitated adopting the tracker there back in the day to avoid getting flooded with issues about code that was still in development and to have a little bit of flexibility in the way we handled issues. Well, this was a good and a bad idea, and I think Ubercart is at the point now where it needs to be handling issues there to make sure the broader Drupal community knows we desire and value their involvement in working on the Ubercore. There's been some good involvement there recently, and we appreciate everyone who weighs in on issues there and on Ubercart.org!

So, back to the title of this post... the issue tracker on drupal.org recently made project specific tagging of issues available. At first, we were a little confused by this. What exactly should you tag issues for? Kind of silly, right? Oh... wait a minute... this is a huge step toward the flexibility that we initially wanted by maintaining our own tracker. We can effectively create "sub trackers" within the one tracker, and by maintaining a list of appropriate tags, we can make sure people with special interests are able to quickly and easily find issues pertaining to them.

For example, I just tagged a post today with the "theme layer" tag. This means you can view a list of any Ubercart issue tagged with that and even bookmark an RSS feed for it! Holy patch review, Batman! I think our patch review process is in business! Cool

So, we don't have a whole lot of official tags yet, but I want us to get there. Obviously, this can become burdensome on issue submitters, but anyone can tag an issue with the appropriate tag(s). Please refer to the list of tags in the documentation to see what tags we're currently using. Use the comments on that page to discuss other helpful tags, and we'll periodically review those and make sure they get added to the list.

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Re: Ubercart Issue Tracker, Now with Issue Tags!

ikaya helpfully pointed out that I had the link wrong for the issue tags list. I updated the link above to use the short URL I setup: http://www.ubercart.org/issue-tags