Ubercart 2.0 Beta 4 in the Wild

UbershieldI think my latest Twitter status sums up perfectly how I feel about this release. Laughing out loud Ubercart 2.0-beta4 is indeed one heck of a release. We've had 80 commits since the beta 3 coming from 9 patch contributors, and I'd love to see those numbers continue to grow. People have reported and helped fix a variety of bugs all over Ubercart core, and we've improved the Conditional Actions support (and even gotten some more docs out!). Be on the lookout for changes to the cart block that make it easier to theme and compatible with page caching. Awesome. Cool So, a big thanks again to all the users and contributors. I'm excited about the near future, as we aim for one more release (a release candidate?) before Drupalcon DC. We'll continue to ensure Conditional Actions is a usable replacement for Workflow-ng, and ideally we'll have a bunch of new contributors jump in to help provide better tax support in core. We're continually looking to bring in more eyes to review and help develop patches for Ubercart core. Check out our directory of issue tags for a simple way to find issues in our issue tracker that interest you. Grab it while it's hot. Test it. Abuse it. And let us know how she drives. Don't forget to backup before and run update.php after you've dropped in the beta4. Eye-wink
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Re: Ubercart 2.0 Beta 4 in the Wild

So... just realized I forgot a return value for an update function in the Auhtorize.Net module. If you have this enabled and see an error when you update, it's benign. The update function is simply a forward port from UC 1.0, and you can ignore the warning. Will be fixed ASAP. Eye-wink

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 Beta 4 in the Wild

Once again, thanks a ton for the hard work of developers, testers, bug hunters, doc writers and all who've helped... your hard work highly appreciated!