Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

This is just a quick news post to let everyone know the big news related to my place of employment. As of today, I am officially a Commerce Guy. I'll take time later today to post more of the personal decision making and excitement behind the move to my personal blog, but since the news is already in the open I thought we should address it here. Smiling

As the article explains, I'll be continuing my role as lead developer, co-maintainer w/ "the Lyle," community wrangler, cheer leader, etc. in my new job. Part of the company's vision, and therefore part of my job description, is to continue to lower the barrier for entry for new contributors to Ubercart. We want to make it easier and easier for more folks to get their hands dirty providing support, writing and updating documentation, and creating and testing patches for improvements to the core code.

The Ubercode will continue to develop and move forward. We'll be pushing out another release by the end of the week, and we're planning some mad Uberhacking for the code sprint at Drupalcon DC. Make sure to find us so we can all share some food, drinks, and beta testing. I'd love to have a release candidate prepared by the end of the sprint.

Because I can't totally leave out personal comments, I will say that it's awesome to wake up in the morning and start work without ever leaving the bed. It really renews my appreciation for wireless internet. Cool

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Congratulations, Ryan!

This is exciting news for the Commerce Guys (those lucky gentlemen), for you, and for the community.

One of Drupal's real strengths is the diversity of companies and individuals involved in the core development. I look forward to your continued work (code and otherwise) on the project in your new home.

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congratulations !

Great to hear on your new job and continuing mission to better ubercart. congratulations

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Whole hearted congratulations!

Warm regards from sunny México!

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

That's big news! ...what I've read from the links in the original post, it seems also to be good news! Congrats Ryan and best regards from Sunny Spain Eye-wink

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Congratulations and good luck in your new job Ryan Smiling

Best regards,

Thomas Kulvik
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"You have to do what You have to do!" (my favourite quote from Futurama...)


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Way to Go!

It's great getting paid for doing what you love to do.

Tutus for Toddlers sells Tutus using UberCart for e-commerce with Drupal.

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Congrats man!

Hey Ryan, good luck on your new job, and I'm a little jealous that you get to work without getting outta bed! But I hope you stay on the forums here and keep helping everyone out!

Certified Medisoft reseller.

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your support and encouragement, and I still intend to show up and help. Old habits die hard... no way I could quit the forums cold turkey. Eye-wink

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Community Impact

One of the "requirements" of Ryans move(from both Ryan and Commerce Guys) is keeping the same commitments to Ubercart. This includes everything from hanging out in the forums, to core development.

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Woohoo, congrats! Excited to see more big things from Ubercart and Commerce Guys!

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Damned we are too late ;- )

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(No subject)

Laughing out loud

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Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Congrats Commerce guys!!!! and congrats Ryan too, for this and for the new baby on the way !

Does this mean your going to have MORE time to work on ubercart core / contribs or just keeping the exsisting commitments ?

Looking forward to the code sprints at DC, see you all there!!

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Re: Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Not sure if I'll end up with more time or not, but my time should stay at least the same. As the project gets bigger and I put together more contribs, there's just a lot more to do and maintain. Hence my goal of spending some of the time that I would normally spend doing development directly trying to pull in more contributors to the project itself. Smiling

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Re: Re: Re: Ryan Hired by Commerce Guys

Congrats Ryan...........

Best of Luck..........Smiling

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Working from bed

Careful, Ryan.

Next thing you know you'll find yourself working late and going back to sleep without ever having gotten out of bed.

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Re: Working from bed

haha, I'll try to not to melt into a pile of goo. Gonna try a bike ride for it this afternoon. Eye-wink

Staying up late has been more of a problem, though, so I'm trying to curtail that, too!

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Best of Luck!

Congrats on the job. Hope you find total success. Isn't the wireless internet great! No more commuting. Best of luck to you.