Drupalcon Meet-up and Session Overview

Drupalcon is getting closer and closer, and we've finally got a place to stay and a way to get there. Eye-wink Once we're there, we'd love to meet up with as many Ubercarters as possible. Last time I met up with a few European users, and it looks like several times the number of users will be in Boston as there were in Barcelona. So... check out this thread and post up your info.

Right now it looks like Wednesday evening may be a good opportunity to meet up for a bite to eat and some gabbing about Ubercart. Other good possibilities may turn up for the evening, so nothing's set in stone right now. I'd love to hit Boston Harbor for some history lessons, too. Eye-wink

Finally, just today I fleshed out my part of the Selling with Drupal session, and I'm interested in a little peer review and feedback. I posted a blog entry summarizing my presentation. Feel free to check it out or read over the attached PDF of the slides and leave any suggestions in the comments. I'm excited about another opportunity to promote the project and hope to see some of you there. Cool

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Re: Drupalcon Meet-up and Session Overview

Man, I wish I could go! Being 3000 miles away doesn't help the probability of my attending. You'll be please to know too that this week I'll be converting the rest of the site (minus the forums, unfortunately) over to the Drupal framework. If you'd like me to setup a drupalcon page with some config screenshots or something, let me know.

Thanks for considering using us for the panel! Smiling