Ubercart 1.0 Beta 6 Released

Well, we were hoping to move from beta 5 to release candidates, but it's just not going to happen. We're more committed to a solid core than we are to hopping on through development phases as anyone who roughed it through the alpha phase can attest. There were too many minor bugfixes, particularly with a couple queries and admin pages, to consider moving on into release candidate territory. We'll let the beta 6 sit for a while to see what else pops up and maybe get a release candidate out before or during the Boston Drupalcon.

There aren't any major changes to report that would prevent you from updating. Mostly this is a release to propagate the query and uc_product_node_info() fixes that keep popping up in the forums. There have been a few other minor fixes and tweaks added to the code as well.

The latest release is available on our project page - http://drupal.org/project/ubercart

Refer to this FAQ page on updating your site if you're unsure how to do it or need a simple updating checklist.

You can check out our Bazaar log for commits since 2-8-08 for changes since the beta 5 release.

If any issues pop up, don't keep them to yourself. Let us know so we can get out of beta territory once and for all. Eye-wink (Well, at least until 2.0!)

EDIT: There is a non-critical error popping up when you run update.php for an incorrect database query. It breaks nothing, will cause no problems in the future, and has been reported and fixed.

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Re: Ubercart 1.0 Beta 6 Released

Well done everyone, keep up the good work. There's no need to rush, ubercart is awesome.

The final release is going to be excellent.


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Re: Ubercart 1.0 Beta 6 Released

Great job! I'm glad to see things are moving along quite nicely.

How are these 2 requirements coming along?:
* Support for $0 order total checkout
* Address/profile integration

( from here: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/development/2645/ive_got_beta_things_do )

I think both of these things would be very nice to have in the core, as most stores give users the option to edit their address book via their profiles. A $0.00 cart should also be in by RC time, I believe.

For address book/profile integration, I believe users should be able to tag or name their saved addresses, e.g., Home, Work, etc.

Good Luck! Laughing out loud Go Ubercart!

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+1 great work guys!


great work guys!

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Re: Re: Ubercart 1.0 Beta 6 Released

@BlindWolf8 - those are still in need of contributed love. Eye-wink I think some work has been done, but they're not issues the core team is able to work on atm.

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Re: Re: Re: Ubercart 1.0 Beta 6 Released

Thanks for the response Ryan. I hope those people that can find the time can love those contribs.! Laughing out loud

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you guys doorock wish I

you guys doorock
wish I could pitch in maybe in the future when my brain is bigger.. Sticking out tongue