Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

Drupalcon DCSaturday at Drupalcon DC will be code and documentation sprint day. Traditionally, everyone comes together to work on Drupal patch review and documentation. Since Team Ubercart and Friends will be at the con en masse, we think this is an excellent time to have an Ubercart Sprint as well. If you show up at the code sprint, look for the Uber crowd and come join us. We'll be discussing issues related to the maintenance of Ubercart.org and community involvement in its upkeep and in core Ubercart development. We're pushing a beta5 out later today and would looove to have a release candidate by the end of the sprint next Saturday. Features blocking a release candidate right now are related to updating sites from UC 1.x to 2.x and providing better support in core for international taxes. We also need to bone up our installation and configuration documentation for Ubercart 2.0 and make sure that the user roles and permissions on this site are setup for a bona fide Ubercart documentation team. There will be something to do for every skill level. We'd love to plug as many of you in as possible. Cool
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Re: Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

We'll be there for the sprint and would love to do an Ubercart sprint!

Three things on my hit list are:
1) Replicating the catalog with Views & getting UC more Views/CCK-standard
2) Improving product node theming
3) Documentation

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Re: Re: Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

Thanks, Steph. You're a champ. Smiling

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Re: Re: Re: Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

If you have sufficent time to look at the stock module and implement something like that
have nice time coders !!

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Re: Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

There will be some code-sprint specific swag. It will be cool. You will want it. Come to the code sprint.

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I thought of an idea in this

I thought of an idea in this thread that I'd be interested in tackling.

Since our site deals with a lot of digital products, but also some shippable ones (sometimes they are the same movie but offered in digital and physical formats) we should make the "Product and its derivatives are shippable" property more closely tied into the Attributes system. That way a product can contain shippable and non-shippable variations within the same node; something it can't currently do. I'm not sure yet how to best approach that but thought I'd put it out there.

Come to think of it, I'd also like to interface with Ryan regarding the Store Credit module and how to plug into it. I hope there will be enough time for all this coding! Smiling

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Re: Re: Ubercart Sprint at Drupalcon DC

I like the idea of turning the catalog into a view. I'd also like some kind of sorting framework established.

As for node theming I like the idea of being able to break away the attributes from the purchase button....as right now, they're some what connected. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with what I can do with the product styles. Perhaps a better looking default style would be nice (think various image gallery setups).

Looking forward to seeing wha tyou guys come up with.