Ubercart 7.x-3.0-rc4

Oh snap! RC4 is out the door! Why no RC3? pfft.. Who needs a RC3 when you have a perfectly good RC4! 

Ok ok... We'll admit we forgot to post a news article about RC3's release back in December. But we're making up for the lack of news posts with bug fixes and a promise to keep ubercart.org up to speed with our insanely active Drupal.org Project page

 So are you hungry for the improvements? Go download it now

Changes since 7.x-3.0-rc3:

  • API:
    • Added hook_uc_payment_method_alter().
    • Added hook_uc_product_alter().
    • Added theme_uc_attribute_option() for the add to cart forms.
    • Added theme_uc_qty().
    • Node shipping addresses are always arrays.
    • uc_line_item_tax() removed.
    • uc_cybersource_uc_calculate_tax() returns an associative array.
    • Removed theme_uc_payment_method_select().
    • Removed 'load' op from hook_uc_cart_item().
    • Removed $op from uc_cart_remove_item().
    • Removed uc_country_select().
    • Removed uc_country_ajax_zone().
    • Replaced 'can_ship' op of hook_uc_cart_item() with hook_uc_order_product_can_ship().
    • Replaced uc_cart_item_is_shippable() with uc_order_product_is_shippable().
    • Order pane op 'show-title' removed. Use the 'edit title' property in hook_uc_order_pane().
    • Order pane op 'edit-ops' removed. Use #ajax for the same functionality.
  • Database:
    • {uc_product_adjustments}.combination has 'serialize' => TRUE.
  • Entity:
    • Order products and cart items are now handled by the Entity API.
      • Add 'cart' view mode for order products.
  • Orders:
    • Added 'Abandoned' status. 'In Checkout' orders are moved to 'Abandoned' after a configurable period of time.
  • Rules:
    • Added event 'uc_order_delete'.
    • Added event 'uc_product_load'. Occurs before hook_uc_product_alter().
    • Allow payment methods to have configurable conditions, like shipping quotes.
  • UI:
    • Converted admin/store/customers page to a View.
  • Misc:
    • Added tests.
    • Removed inline CSS and deprecated HTML attributes.
    • Removed 'uc_catalog_name' variable.
    • Removed 'uc_minimum_subtotal_text' variable.