Drupalcon Paris: Vote for Ubercart in the city of love!

Drupalcon Paris is fast approaching. The deadline for Session proposals has passed and there are at least seven great Ubercart related proposals. If you are attending Drupalcon, don't forget to vote for the sessions you want to see, especially the Ubercart sessions listed below Smiling

Following the Drop: the future of Ubercart
Using Ubercart: Just the Basics
A guide to building your e-commerce business.
Ubercart development tip and tricks with the Commerce Guys
Faceted search means more sales - e-commerce with Ubercart and Apache Solr
Improving off-line revenue with e-commerce

*If you submitted an Ubercart related proposal which I failed to include in this list, contact me and I'll add it to the list.


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Are you the same organizer?

I've found a DrupalCon at http://drupal.org/node/662516, just like to know whether you are the same organizer there?

Mr. Pat Petrillo
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Re: Are you the same organizer?

As one of the persons who presented one of those sessions at Paris, let me answer to say that, yes, some of the same group of people who submitted sessions for Paris have submitted sessions for SF http://www.ubercart.org/news/feb-16-2010/vote_ubercart_sessions_drupalcon . Though we volunteer at the conferences, and support Drupalcons with our attendance and session submission, no one at Prima LLC, Ubercart's founding company, is an organizer for Drupalcons. I hope this answers your question.

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That's nice to read you blog as you continually provide great contents not seen on other site. Keep it up your site visitors will love your site a lot. Thanks Uberchic to clarify who are the organisers of the Drupalcons else people may get confused.

Mr Ralph Hanks
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