Ubercart 1.3 Released

Well, I'm heading out for the day without accomplishing much coding... those days aren't as much fun as the days we get to hack away on core, but we did manage to get other Ubercart related work done. Sticking out tongue

Most importantly, Ubercart 1.3 has been packaged up and released as is. We had some testing internally and from community users and just need to put it out there. Any remaining issues may be addressed in a future release, but it seems like all the issues related to CVS mis-tagging have been resolved. This version supports Workflow-ng 2.x paths in addition to 1.x paths. The only change required for that was a check on a link in the taxes module, so everything should work fine. Smiling

Please note that this is considered an essential update for users running the 1.1 or 1.2 version. Bugs fixed involve checkout, particularly for sites using Secure Pages to protect their checkout pages. Another affects the processing of payments during checkout... and well... you just don't want anything in the way of that.

For those who missed it yesterday, I was also able to post up a fun Ubercamp Recap thanks to the pictures taken/posted by Mike and Tim. Very cool. Cool

And consider this a "soft" announcement... I'm putting together an affiliate links directory that should make it simple for Ubercart users and developers to sign up stores for services using affiliate links that directly support Ubercart development. I'll make a unique announcement for this when it's polished up.

Feel free to still use the links now, though. Eye-wink

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Re: Ubercart 1.3 Released

Thanks Ryan and all devs for your hard work! Just updated both test site and live site and everything went smoothly as usual. Thanks!

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Re: Re: Ubercart 1.3 Released

Thanks guys this is really a great piece of software!

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Affiliate programs

Hey is there a way to do affiliate programs in Ubercart? I'd like to set something up to donate back to the program..


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Re: Affiliate programs

Not sure what ya mean, Myke. We (hopefully) will get a kickback from the companies I'm starting to list in the affiliate directory, but feel free to PM me if you're thinking of something else. Smiling

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Re: Ubercart 1.3 Released

Thanks ! Smiling

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Re: Re: Ubercart 1.3 Released

Awesome, congrats on the release!

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Re: Ubercart 1.3 Released

Thanks guys, you are the BEST!