Ubercart 2.0-beta5 in time for Drupalcon DC!

We had hoped to roll out the beta5 for Ubercart 2.0 last week but just couldn't make it happen. A few minor issues turned out to be slightly less minor to fix than we hoped, so we waited on the patches to be fully developed/tested before pulling the trigger. This afternoon, Lyle pushed code to CVS on drupal.org and packaged up the Ubercart 2.0-beta5 release. Way to go! Cool This release features bug fixes, user interface improvements, feature enhancements, and code cleanup from 8 different contributors. You can catch the release notes for more info on the changes. A big thanks goes out to jhodgdon who donated a significant amount of time and effort toward improving Ubercart's storage of tax information into core. The patch will be essential for the international tax support people are eager to have. Many thanks again to all the community for your input, bug reports, and ideas for improvement. Thanks to the "old guard" and new faces around the forums. Your support rocks, and we appreciate the extra time we get to spend working on code instead of pointing to FAQs and doc pages. Eye-wink So, let's get this bad boy tested and find those remaining issues so we can have a productive Ubersprint on Saturday in D.C. If you're going to be there, be sure to look us up and join us for dinner on Thursday! Remember to back up your sites before updating, and be on the lookout for some changes to the product settings forms and product node tab permissions.

On the Horizon: UberDrupal

We've also posted up the initial effort to get a solid installation profile going for Ubercart. For now it's dubbed UberDrupal and requires the beta5 version to work. We'll continue to work on that, but we're definitely interested in feedback. Thanks to my colleagues at Commerce Guys for getting the ball rolling with the Ubercart Installation Profile and to cha0s for taking it a step further. I've got some issues going for low level programming tasks and more installation features, and I'm interested in tossing more ideas around with you. More word on that as it develops. In the meantime, anyone else interested in pitching in? Smiling
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Re: Ubercart 2.0-beta5 in time for Drupalcon DC!

Great work guys, going to give it a check out now

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does not show up in Drupal.org sorting

Is it just me or does "ubercart" module not show up when you click on Modules and sort by "Last Release"? Makes it harder for people to notice it.

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Re: does not show up in Drupal.org sorting

I rely on this feature as well to keep my modules updated. I believe ubercart isn't showing up because perhaps it's in -dev still? Not 100% sure about that.

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Translation files not taged for BETA5 in CVS!

Hey, it looks like most of the translation files are not tagged for BETA5. They were there in BETA4, caught it when I did a diff in my local svn. See here:


Hope Drupalcon was fun, couldn't go because I have a very new baby! Sorry to have missed it!