Second Ethiopian Uberdinner a Success

Wow! Seventy plus people marched out from the conference in at least one or two "herds" of Ubercart users and developers to descend on the Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant. I have pictures to post later of the crowd packed in like sardines, filling up the second floor loft of the restaurant. We had a great meal, exceptional service, and dozens of mini-conversations about life, work, and Ubercart.

The event was again more about energy and community than serious business. We packed twice as many people as last year into a larger venue and were amazingly served in half the time! We all ate our fill with food to spare and marched off to various parties and bars to chat into the late hours of the night.

Awesome anecdote from the dinner... I ran into someone who had never heard of Ubercart! She came along for the sweet eats and has never had a need to do e-commerce on Drupal. I introduced myself and the project briefly but had to go grab a seat when my food arrived. Eye-wink

I'm writing from the desk in the hotel room finalizing my demo site and slides for tomorrow's presentations. I'm taking a bit of a different angle in the presentation than I have before, so wish me luck as I try to make it engaging, informative, and motivational. Once again I have the task of focusing community energy toward a common goal, so this session will work to establish a common vision. Wish me luck! Smiling

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Go Ryan!

You'll rock 'em!

Warm regards from sunny México!

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Great Food and Great Companionship

It was scrumdiliumptious!

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Best of luck Ryan!

Best of luck from Sunny Spain Smiling

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Re: Second Ethiopian Uberdinner a Success

The food was excellent and I enjoyed the dark beer Smiling

Quite an adventure to get there (for me anyways), but it turned out great and I met some cool people! Good stuff Laughing out loud

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Agreed! From Drupalcon 2009

Agreed! Here's the panoramic I took (sorry for anyone who got cut off on the right side...)

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I wasn't at Drupal but I love Ubercart and I've been to Meskerem several times and love it!