Ubercart a Hit at Drupalcon

We're back from the conference and trying to recover from the sleepless nights and treks to and fro around Boston. We had a killer time mingling with other Drupal developers and meeting literally dozens of folks who are already using and developing for Ubercart. Many more were there to investigate, and we had a fun time meeting them all. I couldn't walk down a hall without running into someone new who just wanted to applaud Ubercart or pick my brain for a minute. For all this interest and excitement, I in turn applaud the community and the countless hours you guys have spent using, testing, and developing Ubercart.

So, the summary statement, Ubercart was a hit at Drupalcon Boston 2008. There's a lot of energy floating around, and our goal is to harness and direct it to make the project better and expand its reach. (Read my blog post recap for a little more info.) Expect things to start moving quickly as we implement decisions ironed out over meals and in the Ubercart BoF Session to lower the barrier to entry for developers and make Ubercart more attractive and solid at its core.

I won't outline everything here, but I will say that I'm excited to have met more developers, designers, and documenters who are interested in lending a hand. We'll let you know how you can be involved as things get moving! For now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my evening with my wife and finish entering contact information from the many business cards I accumulated. Eye-wink

In the meantime, let's keep pushing for Ubercart 1.0! For my part, I'll get the beta 7 up on Monday and we'll keep trucking along to massage out any remaining kinks. Then it's onto release candidates and a D6 update. Cool

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No doubt that it would be a hit and it has. I will add uberhit instead.