Beta 7 Released

Alrighty folks... what should have happened before the Drupalcon has happened today, but it works out in your favor. We've added in a few more bugfixes since then and put up the latest code as the beta 7 release on

Get it while it's hot, update your versions, and refer to this FAQ if you need help figuring out how to complete the update. Eye-wink

This update includes a security fix to the display of text based product attributes. If you are using these on your site, you should update ASAP or view this thread to see how to patch your module directly.

Really, you should just update, since we're getting closer and closer to a better core. Thanks again to all the users and developers who have made this release possible! I finally caught up with the forums and am delighted to see folks stepping in to help out their fellow UberUsers.

Quick link to the release:

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Quick link: Access denied

"You are not authorized to access this page."

No beta 7 tonight Sad Let's call it a day. I will be back tomorrow.

Keep on the the good work! I realy love Ãœbercart!!!

With best regards,

Fred Klopepr

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Re: Quick link: Access denied

You can download it at Though Update Status will say you need to update to beta6, but only until the Ubercart devs get the release squared away.

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Re: Quick link: Access denied

Not showing up in releases yet ...

But that's okay, I'll get the bazaar. Nice work guys Smiling

thanks for the link to the actual tarball, greenskin.

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Re: Re: Quick link: Access denied

Aww, poo. I bet it's because I flagged it as a security release. Every now and then they do things with that taxonomy that I don't quite know ahead of time. There was a part in the code where check_plain() wasn't used... I suppose I should just e-mail someone on the security team to see what we can do to get it published. Sorry, I was running late out the door at work and didn't see then that this didn't publish. Major bummer. Sad

You can always use the .tar.gz download link at the top of, too.

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"Security update required!"

Just wanted to warn that the updates page is recommending I upgrade to alpha7e ( Obviously that's not right, but if I hadn't looked as carefully I would have immediately upgraded, thinking that there was a security problem with beta7 (and maybe nuking my installation by upgrading to alpha7e).