Uberteam growth at Drupalcon. "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

DrupalconDC was great for both for building uber-momentum and increasing the backlog of uber-tasks on the to-do lists. It's hard to come back to the real world's time constraints, but we're finally getting back to the grind, including things like writing important news posts. Some big plans were made over the 4 days in dc, so check back often to see what's new.

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the Uber-sprint (stephthegeek, Chris, BenK, Kat3, japerry, thomas, torgospizza, alex, sammys, and many others) and to everyone who came up at some point to say hi during DrupalconDC. We want to encourage everyone to continue to be involved in Ubercart, or to get involved--we don't bite, we promise. Smiling We appreciate feedback of all kinds. The Drupal community, and certainly the uber-community, gets its power from the strength of its members, so share your big ideas, your small ideas, or even just your $0.02.

Secondly, along with the excitment about the growing number of people working with Ubercart, I want to announce the addition of another full-time member to the uberteam, Jes Whitman (Uberchic). Jes has been a part-time employee of Prima Supply in numerous non-drupal roles since 2006 while also managing her own apartment business. She has been a constant behind the scenes supporter and cheerleader of Ubercart, including joining the uberteam for Drupalcon Szeged in Hungary. Her experience managing other large projects will be a valuable asset to the Ubercart project as it continues to grow. We have brought Jes on board full-time to help with marketing Ubercart to drupallers and those unfamiliar with Drupal in addition to organizing and promoting the development of the project. Look for uberchic around the forums or IRC and say hi.

Thirdly, the next several months is going to be big. We want to maximize the impact of every effort so that we can really take advantage of the momentum behind Ubercart and Drupal. Part of Uberchic's mission is to get more people involved in the Ubercart community. With the help of the existing community she will attempt to match community members with community needs. If you want to develop, theme, maintain, document, test, debug, or something we haven't thought of, just tell Uberchic your interest and we will find a home for you. Don't miss out, this is great opportunity to for you to get involved in the Ubercart community!

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welcome - great to meet you

It was great to meet Jes at Drupalcon. There is so much building momentum around these technologies - great to see more folks joining the project to help out.

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Sounds Great

It definatly is an exciting time to be part of Ubercart. I am glad to help in any way I can.


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Re: Uberteam growth at Drupalcon. "We're gonna need a bigger bo

really exciting guys. I'm a fan.