Drupalcon DC 2009 Wrap-up

Ryan's Uber LEGO manAs Andy's already reported, we had a good time at Drupalcon DC and couldn't be happier with the level of community support and excitement we encountered there. I think we heard from at least a couple hundred people about how they're implementing Ubercart, including just about every sponsor table we stopped by! It was also great to finally meet face to face with various members from the forums. We love you guys, and now we love to party with you. Cool So, some quick words on how the week went... Little sleep. Rockin' shirts. Vision casting. Demo pwnage. Community motivation. That should be enough for everyone in attendance, and for the rest of you (whom we trust we'll see in Paris come September Eye-wink)... We were going all day and all night long making good connections and chatting Drupal and Ubercart. We had a few dozen folks sporting their rockin' retro Uber tees on Thursday and a HUGE showing at the Ethiopian Uberdinner 2.0. We packed out Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant's loft and basement with over 100 Drupallers, and they served us in the half the time as last year... AND they split the tab. How awesome is that? I wish they had a franchise in Louisville... I'd be their loyal customer for life. The two Ubercart sessions, Ubercart on Drupal 6 and Advanced Ubercart Usage, went over very well and are available for viewing online (see the comments on those pages), along with every other session at Drupalcon. Weren't there and aren't sure what to watch? I'll go ahead and recommend Jeff Eaton's Building APIs that Rock, Boris Mann's Practical Semantic Web and Why You Should Care, and James Walker's Why I Hate Drupal. Anyone else wanna recommend a session? We had a strong showing at the Ubercart code sprint and managed to get movement or close out the issues in the tracker tagged with dc2009 code sprint. Some are incomplete, so you can still pitch in even if you weren't there. Not only that, but through an online survey and BoF e-mail lists (of the lo-fi pen and paper sort), we started to network with people who are interested in contributing to Ubercart in other ways. You can still provide your feedback and be a part of growing Ubercart to the next level as we continue to work through our period of Optimization (see Ubercart on Drupal 6). That's all for now, folks. Hope you had a great time at the con, and hope to see you all again later this year! Smiling
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Re: Drupalcon DC 2009 Wrap-up

I had a blast, and it was definitely awesome to finally put names with faces. (Also, eating and drinking Ethiopian food and beer was a first, and I couldn't have asked for a better group to have done it with.)

Here's looking ahead to the next Con! And hopefully the next North American Con will be closer to my coast Smiling

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Re: Re: Drupalcon DC 2009 Wrap-up

Not sure if I'll be making it to Paris, but definitely enjoyed meeting Ryan, Lyle, cha0s, torgosPizza, and many other UberCarters whose postings in the forums have helped me so much. And I want to thank everyone for their encouragement as I begin digging deeper into the Drupal Lovechild known as UberCart! Smiling

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Re: Drupalcon DC 2009 Wrap-up

Great post mate thanks!