New Look for

Robert Douglass recently reported on a few new themes for Drupal, one of those being Pixture. We've been trying to figure out how to take our community site to the next level in terms of usability and project promotion, and Pixture provided an excellent launchpad for the endeavor.

The theme is re-colorable thanks to Drupal's colorizer, so I was able to blend together some nice oranges, yellows, and browns to keep our fresh look. I made some customizations to add back the image bullet points and tweak the header, and I sprinkled numerous other style tweaks around the site. The forums were kept from the old site, and thankfully the blues are still a good match with the oranges.

I'll continue working on the front page and site navigation, but the new theme is here to stay as of today. It's really growing on me, and I'm enjoying sharpening my understanding of Drupal's theme engine as I "make it ours."

Please bear with us as we continue to improve our humble home page!

Ideas and suggestions should be posted in this thread.