Three Cheers for RC 3

And three cheers for Lyle! While I've been under the weather and mostly inactive since last Wednesday, Lyle's been continuing to review community patches and fix the bugs that have popped up during RC2 testing. We're pretty sure we have our CVS issues sorted out, so all the bug fixes should actually make it into this release. Eye-wink

You can see a short log of what's been goin' on in the code in the release notes and get it while it's hot. Be sure to backup your sites as always and run your site's update once you've migrated. We're pushing ever closer toward a 2.0 release and couldn't be happier.

On the horizon:

  1. Expect to see our battle plans for UC 3.0 shortly as we target various core systems for revitalization and reach out to community members to pitch in and give the code a little love with us.
  2. Read up on Ubercamp 2.0 and let us know if you're in. Chances are high we'll spend at least some time there hacking away on the next version of Ubercart. The rest will be spent learning, eating, drinking, and having a grand ol' time in Denver, CO. Your feedback now can turn this from a 2 day event into a 3 day event. Smiling
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Re: Three Cheers for RC 3

I do apologize for the rough times that the last couple of releases had caused. I've figured out what I had messed up, which goes a long way towards keeping it from happening again.

Hopefully things will settle down again and we can concentrate on finding new bugs. Now is the time to start fiddling with all the settings and putting Ubercart through its paces. Just make sure that no one's already beaten you to the issue queue with a bug report. Smiling

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Re: Three Cheers for RC 3

You guys are great as always! I'm looking forward to the real deal. Then I can finally upgrade the site to 6.x.
Thanks for all the hard work.

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I see lots of progress

Looks like a few more items and then a RC4?

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checkboxes for attributes

Is there any chance that this patch ( ) would make it to RC4?