Ubercart 3.x Battle Plans and Get Togethers

re-in-vig-or-ate (v.) - To give new life, energy or strength to someone or something.

As the long process of making Ubercart 2.0 ready to go for an official release nears an end, we're looking forward to diving into the code and fixing some long standing "difficulties" in the code. We want to keep Ubercart "close to core", taking nods from Drupal itself in maintaining a trimmer core and encouraging more and more contributed modules. You guys are already doing a wonderful job taking initiative with contrib development and posting them to drupal.org, and we want to make it easier and easier.

I've just posted mine and Lyle's Ubercart 3.x Battle Plans in the forums and am looking for your feedback in that thread. We'll boil these things down into a roadmap (with other Ubercart community and website improvements) and continue to refine it during this weekend's Ubercart/Kentuckiana Drupal + DDR meetup and June's Ubercamp 2.0. Both events are encouraged for anyone close enough or with enough desire to come. Remember, Ubercamp 2.0 will be a combined effort with Drupalcamp Colorado, so there will be hundreds of Drupallers, good food, and hopefully some good beer to go around.