Ubercart 2.4 on Drupal 6

Ubercart 2.4 is the current release for Drupal 6.  This release is primarily a bug and security release.  Please upgrade to 2.4 if you are on Drupal 6.

The following bugs have been fixed, including the security updates outlined in SA-2010-083.

Changes since Ubercart 6.x-2.3 (-r 2130..2135):

  • Add a page to print just the packing slip.
  • #861086 by dereine: Make Ubercart compatible with Views 3.
  • #858816 by nielnz: Fix the cart ID in the session data so that it is only removed when the cart needs to be rebuilt.
  • #613498 by willowmedia and sammys: hook_cart_item('can_ship') didn't record FALSE results.
  • Don't say whether it was the username or password was invalid in Google Checkout.
  • UC 2Checkout doesn't validate the payment notification properly.
  • Recorded 'One cart to rule them all.' and evil laugh on answering machine.
  • PayPal WPS doesn't verify the receiver's email address.
  • UC Cart Links adds unpublished products to the cart and allows the cart to be emptied from any site.