More Ubercart at Drupal Events

Ubercart has had great representation at a lot of awesome Drupal community events this year. There were introductory sessions and "vision casting" sessions at this year's Drupal Cons and Camps (including the co-located Ubercamp 2.0). This year even saw the first ever Ubercart meet-ups take place in London! With the year winding down, you can add these remaining events to your calendar to come learn more about Ubercart and how to put it to good use:

We're excited about these various opportunities to promote the project and network with more users and developers. We're still pushing very strongly to get more people involved in the next round of development, and of course we'll be happy to answer your questions or just grab some food. Cool

Sound off if you'll be presenting Ubercart elsewhere so folks know where to go to meet-up!