New Quickbooks integration option.

Ubercart is spreading Smiling . Webgility announced Friday their release of Quickbooks integration with Ubercart 2.0.

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interesting - license not found

I was unable to find the license for this service. It looks like Ubercart talks to something called eCC - I'm not sure how or where eCC runs - and then eCC and Quickbooks can talk to each other. Are there any more technical details on how eCC works? If it runs as an Ubercart/Drupal module then this needs to be licensed under the GPLv2+.

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eCC details

eCC is a desktop software and it also includes a small module that you install with Ubercart. To learn more about eCC, please visit this page:


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Re: eCC details

thank god! i hope this works

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Fingers crossed

Downloading the free 15-day trial. The video demos are promising. Anyone have any luck with this yet?


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Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module

Hey everyone,

Rather than look to commercial desktop software for Quickbooks integration, it would be terrific if we could all join forces to get the "Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module" to a stable D6 release. Here's a link to the module:

And here's a link to the D6 port thread:

Let's make this happen!


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Getting busy with the Ubercode.
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Re: Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module

Quickbooks is a commercial desktop software. This is one of the most highly sought after modules for Ubercart for more than a year now, but no one has stepped up to create/support it. I assume because it's a fairly large undertaking. There are multiple versions of quicken. And it's not worth the effort, when you can purchase a connector for a couple hundred bucks.

I know of three commercial integrations:

Ubercart could also be supported with minor effort by integrating it into

More paid options and the more they cost, is best for provides us with the options and eventually someone cheap/bored enough will clone them. Until that time, you have to pay to play.

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Re: Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module


Thanks for the reply. I'm not opposed to paying for commercial software... I'm just opposed to most desktop software at this point. We don't use the desktop version of Quickbooks, but rather Quickbooks Online ( We're Mac-based with multiple users in multiple geographic regions, so most desktop software doesn't cut it for us.

Also, I don't think the Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module is that far from being ready to use with Drupal 6. From what I understand, the Drupal 5 version worked fine and there's already a patch to make it work with Drupal 6.


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Re: Ubercart Quickbooks Integration module

Adding a few facts to help the discussion:

1) QuickBooks Online has only a small % of users as compared with the desktop editions. It also has limited functionality so taking that as the baseline for development isn't the best approach.
2) As you will find, the best way to integrate with QuickBooks is by using their SDK. The QuickBooks WebConnector has less functionality in comparison to the SDK. Although Intuit has a new Partner Platform that provides QuickBooks data to the cloud (, it is fairly new and doesn't expose all QuickBooks data yet. Thus, using a desktop software that utilizes the QuickBooks SDK is the only way to have the most robust, diverse and comprehensive integration.
3) Intuit does not provide an SDK for QuickBooks on Mac, which is why you won't find any commercial integrations with QuickBooks Mac in the market.


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That is indeed a very useful suggestion, Ben. It would help save us a lot of money. Smiling

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Re: New Quickbooks integration option.

Let me just go ahead and say a couple of things:

#1 - Quickbooks online is horrendous for any store that needs an inventory as there is no inventory. I just had a big issue with QB online
#2 - I just started using webgilitys software and it is truly a lifesaver. No more manually entering in orders. Also the integration with endicia is fantastic.

I'm a fan. Well worth the $300 dollars as it wouldve taken me more money to hire a developer. Also seeing how the module works, I'd be hard pressed to find a module that will connect as well as this did.

I dont mind paying for good software and so far so good. I'll update again if I have any problems.


Aaron @

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Link to Ubercart integration with xtuple postbooks

Here is a link to the opensource integration of Ubercart to opensource community version of xtuple postbooks accounting system:

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Ubercart Marketplace

Does anyone know if any of the Quickbooks solutions offer support for Ubercart Marketplace (module that allows for multiple sellers). It would be great if QB could handle the commissions / payment to sellers.

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Quick Review: Been using this for a month now

Been using this for a little under a month now. I am currently running 3 profiles (ubercart, amazon, and ebay)

I set the whole thing up myself. As far as getting it integrated with ubercart it was pretty easy (it was probably the easiest out of the 3 stores I set up). The 30 day support really helped since there were a lot of rough edges that needed to be smoothed out. To be honest I am probably going to buy the annual support plan because it seems like Ebay and Amazon update their site so much there will probably be an error somewhere in the future.

Each store gets its own profile that you have to configure and select from a drop down menu. At first I wanted everything to be under one tab but after using it for a month I see the benefits of having each store separate. I still get the occasional error but tech support is pretty quick in replying. They had to take control of my computer a couple times with gotomeeting but resolved all the problems I threw at them.

Since this is an Ubercart based site i'll touch into the pro's and con's I've dealt with regardiing ECC and Ubercart Integration.

-Easy installation (just ftp the module, direct ecc to your site and give it admin permissions. Also had to configure some file permissions on the server)
-Downloads and Updates orders instantaneously with all the order comments/tracking info

-Only supports default payment methods from Ubercart out of the box. If you have customized payment options you have to go into quickbooks and create new payment methods and map them
-Sale receipts can only be posted to one account in quickbooks. So if you have Paypal sales receipts and Quickbooks Sales Receipts they both have to go into the same account. They have a workaround to this that seems to allow 2 different methods to 2 different accounts but anything more than that you might have trouble. The workaround is to set paypal to download as invoices to your paypal account and credit card transactions to download as invoices which get paid due on receipt and deposited to whatever account you have. Right now personally I keep both payment types deposited into undeposited funds and I run through them and manually deposit them myself. I'll probably switch over to the above method in a couple days after I make sure it doesn't effect my Accounts Receivables in any way.

My order processing time/ quickbooks entries have basically been brought down to 10 minutes a day. I find myself sitting around bored because I ran out of things to do. It was well worth the 600 dollars (I got 3 licenses and inventory module which I haven't used too much yet) for the time it saves me alone. Keep in mind the initial configuration will not run 100% straight out of the box (unless you are lucky) but the support staff is awesome and are really on top of their stuff.

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You might want to look at the Ubercart integration to xtuple

You might want to consider another alternative:

xtuple does everything that quickbooks does and more. It also has the added benefit of being free and open source (like Ubercart)

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Nice Suggestion

I appreciate the suggestion, unfortunately my client already has quickbooks set up and running and they are quite married to it. I was hoping that I could find a way to post all information (including attribute price) in an itemized format into their quickbooks. I have noticed that the ubercart checkout does not break purchases down by attribute cost. Do you know if there is a way that I can have ubercarts checkout be broken down by attribute cost, rather than just the total amount and then description?


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Another FREE ubercart module QuickBooks Integration

Why paid? and why desktop software?

Ubercart QuickBooks Integration Solution, it works with ubercart and QuickBooks API module to synchronize Ubercart orders to QuickBooks

give it a try, please leave some feedback

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Re: New Quickbooks integration option.

I'd like to add my comments to this thread, having used eCC/Webgility a couple of times with Ubercart.

1. Their support is absolutely atrocious. Their support techs are very low-skill, and they make very little attempt to understand your issue before responding. Every time I've asked for help it takes several exchanges to get something that's even remotely close to a real answer. And sometimes I've just given up. They frequently misunderstand your question, or give you a knowledgebase answer that's not even closely related to what your issue is.
2. Their Drupal module integration is scary bad. I found a major security hole in it, which I told them about (and even included a patch!) and got no thanks in return, though they did update the module with the patch. In addition, they've got issues in their PHP module that have required me to make code changes to fix, including some broken SQL statements, or uninitialized arrays that were generating errors in watchdog. Also, their Drupal module is advertised as being compatible with D6 and D7, but the actual module they provide is D7 only. You don't technically have to enable the module as eCC boots Drupal on it's own in the connector code, but it still doesn't look right when you get started. I created a ticket over this issue and never got a response.

The idea is a great one. It greatly streamlines shipping for my customers (shipping integration, etc), and it's really helped to revamp their order processes. But the excruciatingly bad support experience makes me shudder when I recommend it, because I feel like there's a great chance we're going to be left out in the cold if something isn't working right. And my customers are doing way too much volume to wait a couple of days to beat the issue into the heads of their support techs enough to get a clear answer.

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ecc v3.4


Our Quickbooks Ubercart integration program eCC V3.4 has just been released! Try it out for free for 15-days

at Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (877) 753-5373 ext. 1.


Webgility =)

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Ubercart + marketplace + quickbooks

Has anyone found a way to do book keeping with marketplace yet? Would be so grateful for any guidance...

I've posted an issue related to this here:

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CartSpan supports deep integration of QuickBooks and Ubercart


CartSpan is another option for integration of Ubercart with Sage 50 U.S. (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks U.S accounting.

Some key benefits over competitive systems include:

-- Approx. 40% less expensive initially, 80% less expensive annually.
-- Order numbers are imported into the order or invoice field; not the ‘memo’ field.
-- PayPal orders are effectively imported when payment is received; and not before.
-- Stock updates in Ubercart are real-time in response to invoicing, receiving, and material adjustments in accounting.
-- No limitations of any kind on the CartSpan 10 day trial.

Support for Item Attributes – CartSpan supports the configuration of item-level attributes. For instance, if you sell garments (or any other configurable item) and wish to configure ‘size’, ‘color’, ‘logo’, etc., CartSpan will import these selected options appended to the general description of the item.

This integration was developed against Ubercart 2.4 for Drupal 6 utilizing the following supporting modules: (list not all-inclusive)

Discounts (6.x-2.x dev) - Defines Ubercart discount based on user-defined codes.
Shipping (6.x-2.4) - Get products ready for physical shipment.
Taxes (6.x-2.4) - Defines tax rates for customers' geographic locations and products sold.
Flatrate (6.x-2.4) - Assigns a flat shipping rate to products.
U.S. Postal Service (6.x-2.4) - Integration of USPS Rate Calculator and Mail Service Standard Web Tools with Ubercart.
UPS (6.x-2.4) - Integration of UPS Rates and Services Selection and Shipping Online Tools with Drupal.

Order Import – Key Points of Integration

Import as Order or Invoice - CartSpan supports import as either an Invoice or an Order. The Cart order number flows directly to the order or invoice number in QuickBooks. To ensure that the order series does not conflict with the legacy order number series, CartSpan supports the (optional) application of an alphanumeric modifier.

Customer ID Handling - With Customer ID management arguably the most problematic aspect of integration, CartSpan offers multiple options for creating the new Customer ID in accounting. When the new customer master is created, you may:

1) Use the Cart assigned Customer ID.
2) Craft the ID from available Bill-To or Ship-To details using a configurable rule.
3) Manually cross-reference the Cart ID to legacy Customer ID that will be memorized.
4) Or, employ a number of other more unique methods of naming.

Cash Receipts -If you are importing as an Invoice, you can optionally import a cash receipt, essentially closing out the receivables transaction. The cash receipt is triggered by configurable order status codes. The cash account to which the receipt is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

PayPal/Bank Transaction Fees - For any payment method that applies a consistent transaction fee, CartSpan can calculate this value and apply it to the payment as a discount. This is accomplished via a configurable formula for each payment method affected. This adjustment is typically applied manually during the reconciliation process; long after the order has been imported. CartSpan saves you significant amounts of time by removing this task entirely.

Customer Prepayments - If you are importing a web order (paid by credit card) into accounting as an order, CartSpan can properly apply a credit on the order itself and also create a transaction that debits cash. The cash account to which the payment is applied is configurable based upon the payment method.

Tax Handling - CartSpan will detect and allocate taxes to any configured sub-authorities that may be configured for the referenced tax-code.

Many-to-One Item Mapping - CartSpan is the only integration that allows you to create one (or more) 'phantom' items in Ubercart that can be mapped to a single SKU in the accounting system. Moreover, these cart-level phantom items can represent multiple quantities and pack-based pricing for the item mapped in the accounting system. CartSpan manages all price/quantity conversions during the import/export process.

Group Item Support - CartSpan leverages the 'Group' item functionality in QuickBooks to extend the capabilities of Ubercart. Group products allow you to represent multiple ‘child’ items in Ubercart via a single SKU. CartSpan will then breakout the associated child items during the import and properly allocate any discounted offering price. This functionality offered within the integration itself requires no additional add-ons for Ubercart.

Auto Creation of Items - If your business process is such that you choose not to create items in your accounting system until they are sold on the Website, CartSpan can be configured to auto-create the item at the time of order import. The new item is created using the description and the price of the ordered item.

Discounts and Coupon Handling – Discounts applied in Ubercart are allocated to individual line items in QuickBooks.

Automation - CartSpan can run manually or be configured to import new orders at a pre-determined user-defined frequency.

Email Alerts (administrative and operational) - CartSpan can be configured to send email alerts to a system administrator when there are exceptions encountered during the integration. For instance, CartSpan can send notification for when new items are created in QuickBooks.

Pick-List Generation - If your organization deals with external fulfillment services, you can configure CartSpan to send a comprehensive pick-list to one (or more) email addresses. Or, you could simply choose to send the email to an internal resource. The CartSpan generated pick-list has full shipping information as well as any customer comments relating to fulfillment. If you arrange your warehouse by 'Item Name', CartSpan imports line items in sorted order to facilitate the picking/packing process.

Item Price/Quantity Update – Key Points of Integration

Stock Quantity Update – Near real-time updates of stock quantity-available in Ubercart in response to receiving, invoicing, and adjustment activity in QuickBooks. It is important to note that quantity 'available' refers to the amount you have available to sell after accounting for open sales orders in the accounting system.

Minimum Stock Configuration - If you are oversold in the accounting system, CartSpan allows you to artificially indicate a minimum quantity available in Ubercart.

Item Price Updates: Standard Pricing - CartSpan allows you to maintain ‘standard’ pricing in the accounting system; no need to remember updates between two systems.

Price Markup or Markdown Tools - If you elect to offer more competitive pricing on your website, relative to your ‘bricks and mortar’ operation, CartSpan allows you to configure global or item-specific markdown (or markup) percentages.

Price Rounding - We all know that multiplying existing prices by a given percentage often results in an odd looking value. CartSpan employs rounding rules to bring your price to the nearest ‘0.05’ or ‘0.09’ value; giving you pricing consistency across your site.

Multi-Pack Support - Option to sell individual items (configured in accounting) as a multi-pack unit in the cart and have the appropriate conversion of price and quantity applied during the import.

Advanced Support for Assembly-based Product Types - Though you may not have final product assembled for sale, CartSpan can present the amount of final product you can reliably offer. CartSpan will determine available inventory for each item represented on the first level of the assembly and calculate the maximum quantity of the parent item that can be produced. This availability calculation even includes open orders for after-market purchases of affected child components.

Best Regards,