Alpha 7d Released

Let it be known that Alpha 7d is the release that wouldn't end... it did its best to delay itself as long as possible without me going crazy. Eye-wink

Anyways, after some CVS wrestling nightmares (with some issues remaining unresolved), I have decided to go ahead and post Alpha 7d on our project page. The major features here are a redesigned order status system and the update of the product systems to be compatible with node revisions. We also killed plenty of small and not-so-small bugs related to CSS, JS, and new APIs.

So... get it while it's hot, and remember... back up your database before updating. The install files are slightly complex, as they have to update your previous order statuses to the new system. However, once it's done, you will have custom/configurable order statuses.

There are other changes, too, but I've been pounding my head against the desk for too long on this... so, in closing, get it and let me know if anything doesn't work. Eye-wink

Bug reports or problems should be posted in this thread.