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We just wanted to let everyone know that we've finally moved into our new office building a few blocks down from our old home where Ubercart was born. The restaurant equipment company that supports Ubercart has continued to expand, and it's taking us with it to a much nicer facility that was custom built for our family of companies. We'll be joining a few other businesses but will have a decidedly geeky piece of office real estate carved out for Ubercart developers. I've posted an Uberoffice photo album with some light hearted commentary that you can use to check out our new home and see where some of the Ubermagic happens. The rest of the magic happens around the world at your own desks. Eye-wink Maybe some day we'll be able to pull more folks into our place for a camp event... we've got the space! This is just a quick shot of the building, but feel free to check out the rest of the pictures and leave us some comments. Cool
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I'm guessing the lack of foosball table and bead curtains were just an administrative oversight. I'm sure that will be cleared up ASAP.

Seriously, congrats though. Eye-wink's picture
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Re: Awesome

Great, can't wait to see what goodies are comming from that nice, big, black box. Eye-wink

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Re: New Uberoffice

hehe, thanks for sharing, it's always nice to see the place where it all happens Eye-wink

the internet link and cable shots were hilarious Laughing out loud Eye-wink

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Hi Ryan, Andy, Kyle!
This looks really cool! I hope your new Ãœberoffice gives you a lot of inspiration in the development of the D6-Version Eye-wink
Hope to see you guys again next drupalcon! Greetz from Vienna, Austia, Thomas

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Re: Yeeeha!

Thanks, Thomas. Good to hear from you again. Cool

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Re: New Uberoffice

WOAH! That is one impressive office! Congrats on the new working space. Hope things are going well in the Division of Ridiculous Ideas!

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Nice spanking new office! :)

...but yeah, im also wondering where the foozball table is.

congrats on the move! Smiling

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Re: New Uberoffice

That is an Uberpro office Sticking out tongue

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