Vote for Ubercart at CoolSW

Well, I don't want to make any comments on the creation and presentation of the site itself, but I did read today that Intel has created it's own Digg-like website to track cool software. Since I believe we fit that criteria (you guys are all cool to chat with, develop with, and meet) and the project is ever nearing the 1.0 release, I took the liberty of signing us up.

I'd love for you all to go vote for Ubercart and leave any comments there on the page. Sorry if the site is a little hard to use... I actually got a raw error message when I tried to sign up for an account (I presume because my desired login ID was already taken). It'll be worth it, though, to spread the word about Ubercart. Cool

Click here to vote! Laughing out loud

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you asked...

I did it.


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Referrels from CoolSW

I didn't think we would get very much traffic from CoolSW, but I was wrong. Here is a list of's top traffic sources for 9/18 - 10/18 according to Google Analytics:
google / organic 8,677
(direct) / (none) 4,735 / referral 3,760 / referral 319