Home from Hungary

I'm writing now from my living room after a hectic day of travel back to the U.S. from Hungary. We had a wonderful time in Budapest and in Szeged for Drupalcon. We made some good connections with folks we've met in the past and with new faces from around Europe and the U.S.

It's always nice to meet up with our European users and developers, and there was some good brainstorming to move us along in our handling of issues like VAT and multi-currency support. For example, I got to meet up and spend a good amount of time with Al from our forums, and he was excited about TR's multi-currency module. We demoed it, were wowed, and went out for pizza and drinks. Cool

There were a lot of great personal interactions just like these, and they are what make Drupalcons worth the expense in my opinion.

Now that we're back we're keen on getting this Drupal 6 version out the door. Meeting up with all kinds of excited users and developers are good for encouraging you to get things done. Eye-wink

If you couldn't make it, you can check out the conference website for slides and video recordings of sessions. Last time I checked, I didn't see either of our main session recordings... but hopefully they show up.

I'm sure there will be more to announce and move forward tomorrow, but I'm still finely jetlagged and looking forward to sleep.


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