Ubercart 2.0 Release Plans

With the Drupal 7 code freeze upon us, it is high time for Ubercart to have a major version release on Drupal 6. That said, it's worth noting that Ubercart has been functional for some time, with over 9,300 installations reported to drupal.org in the module's usage statistics. Therefore, the lack of an official 2.0 release is arguably due to conservative release naming just as much as it is due to feature creep. The creep was mainly predicated by our desire to accommodate more users and contributed modules requiring a flexible pricing system. The final issues related to this price system's compatibility with VAT were hashed out in Paris, and by all appearances Ubercart will have a fully compatible VAT contributed module for the 2.0 release on Drupal 6.

Lyle and I met over lunch yesterday to develop a simple strategy for getting the 2.0 release out the door. I'll describe briefly what it will look like and then request your assistance. Smiling

Basically, we've gone through and tagged issues in the Ubercart issue tracker on drupal.org with "Release blocker." You can view all the release blocking issues and additionally filter that by their status. We've only marked critical issues, essential documentation issues, and low hanging minor / normal issues as blockers. Most feature requests, whether they have existing patches needing review or not, were bypassed intentionally. The obvious goal is to have a 2.0 as soon as possible, and that will certainly not rule out additional point releases to address the minor bugs and scalability issues that remain. If an issue was not marked as a release blocker, it doesn't mean we find that issue unimportant. We just have to prioritize or we'll never end up with a satisfactory release.

The list of blocking issues isn't that large - only 23 active issues by my last count. Even better, over half of those issues have patches ready for review. This means you can help quickly and easily! Information on applying patches for testing can be found at http://drupal.org/patch/apply.

Our plans at the moment involve a final release candidate by next Friday upon completion of these release blocking issues. These are the issues we are prioritizing. When they are closed, the release candidate will be rolled out and we'll do some final installation and update testing. We'll need more people to do update testing as well to make sure the various core modules are covered. After two weeks to let the dust settle and ensure no further critical issues come up, we'll call it a 2.0 and celebrate with a big fat pizza. Hooray!

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 Release Plans

Thank you for your, very appreciated, committed effort.

Ubercart is fabulous.

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For all the hard work on a fabulous product and for the clear and understandable update!

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 Release Plans

Thank you for your hard work...You are heroes!

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oh boy ho boy

thanks to you all for the great work you do ...
you are life savers ...
with VAT france is going to power up all online shops with ubercart
thanks again

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Re: Ubercart 2.0 Release Plans

Thanks for everyones hard work on making Ubercart my favourite eCommerce suite.

Putting out a stable release should get those shy users hooked on the cart.

With the Drupal 7 code freeze and having it get stable in the next couple months, I guess I'm going to start looking towards D7 for my upcoming sites. With the #D7CX movement going strong, I would expect modules to get ported to D7 a lot faster than they did to D6.

Would it be silly to think a quick port of the final release of D6-UC2 to D7-UC2 should be in order? and then focus the UC3 features on the D7 platform, to keep that ball rolling forward.

Personally I'd rather see that, than a D6-UC3 release and then having to wait a while for that to get ported to D7. Can anyone provide some insight into the direction of future development?

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Re: Re: Ubercart 2.0 Release Plans

We'll address that in another thread... trying to get all eyes on the release blockers for now. Eye-wink

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I just checked the status of the Release Blockers and you guys have been cranking through them! As of my last check, only two items left!

I just wanted to recognize those who have been working to make sure UC2 is the best it can be. As soon as the next RC comes out, I'll install, set up, and pound away! October is going to be a fun month!