Ubercart Alpha 7c Released!

You can download it from http://drupal.org/project/ubercart.

Please read the notes and installation/update instructions in the following thread:

Many thanks to all those who have submitted feature requests, bug reports, and spent their time and money testing and implementing Ubercart in many situations. We can't do it all alone, and we're grateful for the help. Cool

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Update breaks my site in IE 7

hi ryan

yesterday i downloaded the update from the update module and installed it.

one thing that struck me after that was the missing shipping adresses when logged in. obviously, the saved adresses are deleted during the update process.

this morning my people could not start our site anymore. we received a fatal error with regard to java script in the ubercart module. but only under IE7! going back to the old version fixed the problem. unfortunately I did not write down the error message while it was there....

greets chris

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Re: Update breaks my site in IE 7

Chris! Glad you made it home safely. Smiling (For those that don't know, I was able to meet Chris at Drupalcon Barcelona. I also got to meet Aymerick and Olav.)

Regarding the shipping addresses, I'm assuming you are referring to the address selection during checkout? I'm sorry this gave you trouble. I'll try to do some more testing in IE7 to see if I turn up any bugs. When you updated, did you run the update.php script?


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Shipping Addresses

Hi Ryan
You obviously survived your loooong trip. Sorry to bug you again so quickly:-))

I did run the update.php. Before that, the ubercart shop would not run at all. after that it ran smoothly on firefox (and funny enough on my notebook IE7 installation). My collaborators and my wife from home got that error message. If I find the time, I will try to reproduce it....

You are corret about the shipping addresses.

greets Chris

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Anonymous users

Hi! I'm getting the fatal error message too, but only for anonymous users. More info here: