Hurricane Ike Knocks out the Livetest/API

I, for one, am impressed. A storm that originated in the Atlantic Ocean and tore through the Caribbean had enough power to send shivers all the way up the U.S. to Chicago, nailing Louisville, KY on the way. Smiling

We didn't get any rain, but there was plenty of wind (gusts up to 75 MPH) that knocked down a lot of trees and power lines. Most of our houses are without power and might be for a few days, and power was out at the office for a day or so as well. Any outages of are the result of the storm, but I think we're fine now with power back in the office.

I took advantage of the general spotiness to update all the modules on, adding just a minor blip to the day late in the afternoon. Sorry if that affected you, but now we're fully up to date and running smoothly. Gotta clean house every now and then.

Hooray for wind!

EDIT: Updated the title to reflect the fact that the Livetest and API sites are both down for the count. We've got to get the server back up and running in a building with power, so please be patient while we get it all sorted. Smiling

(EDIT 2: Sorry, for some reason the original post was never shown. It was set as published and appeared for administrator accounts, but no one else could view it. I was wondering why it only had 6 reads... Shocked)

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Re: Hurricane Ike Knocks out the Livetest/API

And now they're back up. Apparently the server was turned off while we were on the generator, and we never got around to putting it back on once the power came up. Whoops! Shocked

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thanks for the update

Thanks for letting us know how things are going and I'm since your biggest concern in this post I guess that your friends/family are all alright Eye-wink Good news there!

If you're looking for some low power ideas...maybe reading a book or outlining your presentation for DIWD.

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Quote:... maybe reading a

... maybe reading a book or outlining your presentation for DIWD.

Oof... have been doing the former (finished A Game of Thrones and on to A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin), should've thought about the latter. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Eye-wink

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My Bad!

I apologize to the community. When the generator kicked in we were close to maxing out it's load capacity so I turned livetest off. When the power came back on, I was helping other people get their power running and I simply forgot about it being down until this morning.
I hope no one in the Ubercart community was to inconvienienced.