Ubercart 1.8 and 2.0-RC7 Released!

Today is the biggest release day we've had yet! (Unless you count the times we've released twice in one day due to critical errors. Eye-wink) But seriously, in a code sprint at the local Chick-fil-a today, Lyle and I took care of the remaining release blocking issues and some other low hanging fruit. Lyle went off to package up the 2.0-RC7 release and I felt inspired enough to package up a long overdue 1.8 release for Drupal 5.

The 1.8 release includes 50 commits that have been primarily minor bugfixes and typo fixes since our 1.7 release in January 2009. It also includes the tax report module that has been in the 2.x branch for some time.

The new release candidate for 2.0 includes about the same number of commits just in the last month. A couple weeks ago we announced our plans to just focus on a particular set of issues, and that strategy worked out quite well. Issues fixed related to attributes, stock, product kits, role promotions and file downloads, the price handler system, anonymous checkout, and more! We really wanted to polish off some of these bugs that weren't huge on their own but together represented broken critical functionality for the affected systems. I'm quite pleased with the results!

Next step is for everyone to update and report any remaining bugs you find. We intentionally didn't get to every reported issue, so be sure to search the issue tracker before posting anew. We've tested fresh RC7 installs and RC6 to RC7 updates with no troubles. We'll continue to fix the minor issues we can get to for the next two weeks, and then we'll package up a 2.0 and have a party.

In other news, the Meta Tags module was finally forced to make a release due to a security problem. This means our patch to fix its compatibility with Ubercart is now in an official release, so that issue should disappear for everyone who updates the module. Now if only someone could uncover a critical bug in i18n... Eye-wink

Even better, though, is the fact that the updates to the price handler system in conjunction with recent commits to the UC VAT module mean we'll finally have a good working solution for VAT (and other robust tax systems). As I mentioned in our 2.0 Release Plans, we're now entering a waiting period of two weeks before we call this a 2.0. If there are any minor API tweaks that need to be made for VAT compatibility, they need to be reported in the next week for us to address them before the final release. In other words... a lot of people have been asking for it, so we need you now to help test it.

That's all for now... if all goes well, I'll have a daughter and we'll all have an Ubercart 2.0 in two weeks (listed in order of awesomeness and importance). Cool

(For those who tweet, you can follow Ryan on Twitter for immediate baby and Ubercart release announcements.)

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Ryan, congrats to you and your family on your new addition. I will pray for a safe delivery.

Oh, and thanks for all the great Ubercart work. Smiling

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Re: Ubercart 1.8 and 2.0-RC7 Released!

Great work Guys, i just installed and it's great! (i have image problems, but that's me not setting things up right).

hey Ryan, all the best for the upcoming birth mate, you will be stoked, tired, but stoked.
Hope all goes well for you all. (get some sleep now while you can)

Cheers =)

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Re: Ubercart 1.8 and 2.0-RC7 Released!

Thanks Ryan, Lyle and all the developers of Ubercart - your hard work appreciated! ...and let's not forget the members of the community, who all together are helping Ubercart to be & stay The electronic marketing solution for Drupal. Great work guys!

Special congrats to Ryan for the growing family. As a proud father of three and grandfather of one, I think I know your feelings Eye-wink

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The UberBaby cometh!

Mylacon (baby Gas-X). Have it ready before the baby comes home. And if it's a boy (you never know...), remember, point it down or you'll have onesies wet in the middle! Lessons from experience that no one told me.

Thanks again for the way you guys sit down and crank out code. One of these days things will setting down here and I can get back to doing that myself again.

I just installed a fresh D6/UC2-RC7 install last night. Plan to install the Acquia-prosper theme along with the latest dev versions of Fusion, Skinnr, and Quicktabs at lunch, then set up a site this evening. So far, nothing but smooth sailing!

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you guys are killers ....
than you so much

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Re: Ubercart 1.8 and 2.0-RC7 Released!

thanks for the great work so far. all the best with the baby!

Suporn (not verified)
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Thank you

I'm from Thailand and I want to say thank you for your hard job. Thank you.

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lol, congrats! and I'm very

lol, congrats!

and I'm very happy with the VAT support efforts.

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VAT support *****

I've only just started working with ubercart and been trawling though the forums posts re VAT. Have just upgraded and it all works fab.


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Still some payment issues remain...

Great guys! Especially thanks for solving VAT issues.

But I still think that there are some serious issues with payment handling that I've reported here and here. These really needs fixing if we want to have final 2.0 version. Unfortunately I'm just a beginner if it comes to ubercart so I don't think I know it good enough to make fixes to the ubercart payment core. Someone experienced should really take a look at this.

Is there really no one who cares?

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Re: Still some payment issues remain...

Part of the lack of response is that we mostly look on drupal.org for Ubercart issues. We just can't prevent issues from being created here without getting rid of the issues that have already been created.

The other part of the reason is that I don't really want to make those changes. I'll post my reasons why on those issues, though. Sometimes I just need to be goaded into a response. Smiling

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You guys rock!

Thanks for all the hard work! Ubercart rocks!