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Ubercart 1.x

Very early stage product import module. Works for me and saves me approx 20 hours per week. You WILL need to do some modification to this to make it work since it is very specific to my setup. It needs quite some work to read settings dynamically etc. If you're OK with that, you can use this, and it will probably save you a lot of time compared to starting from scratch. If you can post improvements back to this page, even better. Don't download this module if you don't know PHP or don't want to do any coding.

The module has two functions: (1) Import product from TSV file, and (2) Import images from an import directory on the server.

Function (1) lets you upload a tab separated file with the following columns:

Column 0: (specific to my site)
Column 1: (ignored)
Column 2: Title
Column 3: (ignored)
Column 4: Original price
Column 5: Wholesale price
Column 6: Retail price
Column 7: Color (needs to be defined as attribute)
Column 8: Size (needs to be defined as attribute)
Column 9: SKU
Column 10: Inventory (using uc_inventory_api)
Column 11: Weight (for weight based shipping quotes)
Column 12: (ignored)
Column 13: (ignored)
Column 14: Promoted to front page (1/0)
Column 15: (specific to my site)
Column 16: Description (as HTML)

Function (2) looks for a directory structure and uploads available image files. The files should be organized as follows:

root --- SKU1 --- color1
\-- SKU2 \-- color2
... ...
\-- SKUn \-- colorn

the SKU directories will be matched with product SKUs to attach images files to the products. You can put image files in the SKU directories, in which case title text will be product name, or in the color directories, in which case title text will be color name.

Root directory can be chosen in the settings page.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to improve upon this to make it more useful to non-coders Smiling

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