Bank Deposit/Transfer


Adds a simple bank deposit payment method, so that customers may choose to deposit funds into a bank account you nominate.

The store administrator(s) can define the bank account details. If this payment method is selected in the checkout then the account details will be shown to the user in the checkout and order review pages.

It also creates a token called [bank-deposit-account] that will be replaced with the account details (useful for invoices). I use this code in the customer invoice:

This is a direct upgrade of the original bank deposit module by e-geek

I did not write this module, I am merely posting here so you can find it easily.
This is a copy from
There is also another Drupal 6 version in post #11 of

This module essentially adds a field in the Payment Method for you to write anything you want and display it during check-out.

This module is depreciated and there is an improved module by xibun that includes all the functionalities that this module provides plus more.

I certainly hope some form of this module can be added to core. Help to make it, would you?
The feature request is found here ->>

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Re: Bank Deposit/Transfer

Would anyone know if I can use this module for 2 banks?