Paypal Payflow Upgrade


The payflow Pro has annouced :

"We’ve added new security features to our Payflow gateway service that will make your payment processing even safer. Because of these new features, you must update the Payflow code that’s integrated into your web site. All merchants should update to Payflow Pro Software Development Kit (SDK) version 4.3 or higher, or use our direct HTTPS Interface.

On September 1, 2009, we’ll stop supporting older integrations. To continue processing payments, please make plans to update your Payflow integration as soon as possible. "

Keeping in mind the recommendations, the payflow pro module has been changed, and is available for testing as initial upload. "

Here , I am attaching the module file as tar , installation file(containing steps to install) , test file ( an excel file containing test cases).

The module is also uploaded at

Just in case someone is looking for full documentation of the payflow module, can refer to "installing Paypal payflow module"

uc_payflowpro.tar339 KB
RecommendationAndMeasuresForPayflowSDK.pdf27.08 KB
PayFlowTestCases.xls23.5 KB
Installing PayPal PayFlow Module.pdf14.11 KB
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The latest version will always be available at