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Quick Download Links
Drupal 5: Ubercart 1.10
Drupal 6: Ubercart 2.4

Download Ubercart

As of August 11, 2010 , the current release version is Ubercart 1.10 for Drupal 5 and Ubercart 2.4 for Drupal 6. Because Ubercart is a Drupal module package, it is distributed through our project page on, Here you can find the latest release to use for new installs and updates of older sites. The project page links to all the module dependencies and recommend modules you will need starting out. New users should refer to the appropriate installation instructions, either for Ubercart 1.x on Drupal 5 or Ubercart 2.x on Drupal 6, to get help starting out. Development Version: Those wanting to work with bleeding edge Ubercode can access it through our Bazaar repository. For more information on Bazaar, we have posted a Bazaar introduction. Snapshot releases and revision histories can be viewed through Inexperienced users should not use this version. Occasionally, mistakes will be committed to a development version that will be fixed by the time an official release is made.

Ubercart Contributions

Community contributions may be posted to the site by any registered user. These usually include modules, code snippets, and theme files you can use to enhance your Ubercart site. To view a directory of contributions, you can visit Ubercart modules also are and should be (when appropriate) hosted on To find these, search through the e-Commerce modules category or use this project search to find related modules.

Ubercart Translations

There is a server setup to aid community translations of Ubercart and its dependencies for various release versions at If you cannot find your language there, refer to the instructions in the corresponding thread in our forums.