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Follow Ubercart on Twitter:
Is an occasional newsletter not enough Uber-news for you. Do you idle your day away wondering what the latest Ubercart development is? If so, it's time to follow Ubercart on Twitter . We scour the "twitterverse" every day and pass on the best and most interesting tweets in addition to providing quick fixes, new Ubercart sites, and useful tutorials. So follow Ubercart now to keep up with everything Ubercart.

Ubercart T-shirts:
At Drupalcon San Fransisco, we gave away 250 Ubercart "Crest" shirts. They were such a hit we reordered and now have four colors, Cactus Green, Cobblestone Grey, Glacier Blue, and Yellow Haze available in sizes from small to XXL at $12 each. It is a little known FACT that Ubercart is decended from 14th century Scottish nobility! After hours of painstaking genealogical research we found this ancient Ubercart family crest, with it's noble "Ü cart" emblazoned on a shield buttressed by two rampant lions over crossed halberds, and it's ancient Latin motto:" Unus Currus Omnia Regat" which proves the truth of our claim!
Now you to can be the envy of your geeky brethren by owning this ubercool shirt and show the modern world your ancient coding heritage for only $12 plus shipping! This t-shirt is the perfect attire for weddings, funerals, days at the beach, and SCA events, so get yours now!

P.S. All proceeds from the t-shrits go to furthering Ubercart development.
P.P.S. Some facts regarding Ubercart's heritage are in dispute Smiling

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I live in France, does this mean i can't have my ubercart T-shirt ....
i tried to order one ... but you dont ship to france ...
any turnaround ... i really want à Tshirt

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Re: Doomed

I set it up so you can order from France. I'm afraid it will quote astronomical shipping. If so, send me a private message, and I'll figure out what the shipping will be via the postal service for you.