Ubercart alpha 8


two files containing the translation of ubercart alpha8:

it-ubercart-alpha8.zip -> contains one big .po file
it-ubercart-alpha8-po-files.zip -> contains all the .po modules files into directories

you can download the first or the second file, unpack it and import into you drupal site.

see also this post: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/internationalization/2107/translation_stri...

try it!

it-ubercart-alpha8.zip65.05 KB
it-ubercart-alpha8-po-files.zip91.97 KB
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You are... amazing. Thanks

You are... amazing. Jawdropping!

Thanks a lot for posting these. It's such a pain for me to do on Windows when I package up the new releases for d.o.

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Re: You are... amazing. Thanks

thanks to you for this great modules!!